Beautiful Printed Glass Shower Splashbacks come in many colours, images and design. Shower Splashback range is not limited to colour or size. If we can fit it in than we can make it. One you make a decision to have one of our famous ®CreoGlass Shower Splashback installed, our graphic designer will help you visualise the product in situ.


Shower Splashbacks

Shower splashbacks are ideal for both frameless and framed shower enclosures as well as wet room or walk-in showers. We offer a huge range of designs as well as full measure and fitting services for a perfect and unique shower design.


Glass shower splashbacks protect the surrounding walls from water, heat, condensation and mould.

The splashbacks can be installed in shower cubicles and wet rooms.

They are easy to clean and maintain compare to traditional wall of tiles in the shower cubicle. This is because a shower splashback is one large panel of toughened glass, so there is no need for grouting which collects mould, soap and dirt. This also means that shower splashbacks are 100% waterproof. All our designs are handmade and the glass is cut to size to fit any shower room. We provide the full measuring and installation service.


Due to their sheer size, shower splashbacks can make a dramatic visual impact. You can choose a design to fit your bathroom from the vast selection at ®CreoGlass. We can also display a bespoke image on the glass – whatever you have seen that has inspired you and you want to copy, or something you want to create. Glitter is popular for a glamorous bathroom look, while natural stone patterns are timeless.

If you are looking for a coordinated interior, you can even match the design on your glass bathroom walls, sink and shower for a fully personalised bathroom.

You can match your panels to almost any colour or choice from our huge range of unique designs. From printed artwork to glittery sparkles, whatever you choose, all our shower splashbacks will create a wow factor that is sure to impress guests.


Our ®CreoGlass shower splashbacks are made from toughened glass which is the safest choice for your bathroom. The shower glass is toughened glass which is manufactured by heating regular glass to 650°C and then cooling it back down. If the glass is put under pressure it will break into blunt pieces rather than sharp shards. If you want to see how tough the glass is, take a look at our ®CreoGlass video.

All our shower splashbacks are carefully made to measure. We recommend using our full measure and fitting service. Our expert surveyors will ensure your panel will fit perfectly, with cut-outs to accommodate all plumbing and fittings


We enjoy a close working relationships with our clients. You can visit our factory to see the handmade designs and sit with the designer as they take your vision and create a masterpiece.

To get price or find more about our shower splashbacks enclosures fill out our quick quote form and our sales team will follow up to over an estimate and advice. You can also give us a call for a free consultation on 01923 819 684. to find out any more or get help with estimating your project.


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Shower Splashbacks
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