Laminate Worktops from CreoGlass Design

Laminate Worktops

CreoGlass Design Laminate Worktops provide you with an affordable alternative for your Worktops. We have a huge range of Laminate designs from CreoGlass Design to choose from. We provide you with colour variations, Wood and Materials. To see these design please see the galleries below. All Samples are available for viewing in person before ordering a Laminate Worktop.

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More information about Laminate Worktops

Laminate Worktops

Our range of Laminate worktops features a wide selection of decors. We offer wood effect options and high gloss. These can recreate the appearance of Quartz surfaces. But, they are often sold at a quarter of the price! Here at CreoGlass, we offer them at that price.

We only offer a Laminate Worktop to customers who go ahead with our Creo Kitchens range. These Worktops are available as part of a deal. Offering you cheap and affordable Kitchens at the best quality. To see all Laminate Worktop samples in person, please visit our Factory Showroom. We have all the designs available. We have a huge range of Glass Splashback samples to compliment your Laminate Worktop.

A Laminate Worktop is considered the best budget option. They also offer easy maintenance and come in lots of designs and colour choices. Made by combining many layers of designed paper under high temperature. They are resistant to impact, scratching and moisture.

Like CreoGlass branded Glass Worktops. Laminate is heat and impact resistant and is also scratch resistant. We provide a huge selection of Worktops at a discounted price when you get a Glass Splashback at the same time. To see our Splashback Samples please order a sample from our online E Shop.

Features about a Laminate Worktop

  • Highly Abrasive
  • Impact & Scratch Resistant
  • Simple and easy to process
  • Versatile in application
  • Suitable for shipbuilding (MED Certified)
  • Highly Affordable
  • Low Maintenance