Kitchen Island Worktops

Custom made-to-order Kitchen Island Worktops by ®CreoGlass are only available in toughened glossy glass between 10-19mm thickness and toughened matt scratch-resistant glass in 10mm thickness. You can choose any picture or colour. We require templates or technical drawings or CAD document with every order.We offer a limited template and installation service at additional cost.


Kitchen Island Worktops

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the kitchen island worktops are fast becoming the heart of every kitchen.

Islands can provide a centralised flexibility to even the modest sized kitchen. In a multifunctional environment, efficient use of layout and space make island designs an excellent for new kitchen designs. They are ideal for not only maximising storage space, but most importantly, they can maximise your use of work surfaces.

Using glass on your island provides a durable and stunning work surface, that can greatly enhance the design and environment of your kitchen. Our toughened glass surfaces provide the perfect enhancement to this popular kitchen feature. These modern surfaces allow a number of features and appliances to be integrated with them.

We offer from a wide range of beautiful & exclusive designs. Colours can be matched with any type of glass & stencil designs can be added for a more unique and bespoke touch. With the help of our designers and sales team, we can turn your island into a stunning centrepiece for your kitchen.


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Kitchen Island Worktops
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