Creo-Kiln Collection Splashbacks

Creo-Kiln Collection Splashbacks​

Starting From £175 – Per 0.25sqm

Creo-Kiln Collection Splashbacks is a new design which offers unique textured finishes.

More than a flat pattern, these designs are formed over moulds. These create a design with greater tactile qualities. Rather than a standard glass splashbacks panel.

These textured splashback designs are available in a range of metallic tones. Which help to enhance the depth & detail of each handcrafted design. View all available finishes in the description below.

More Information about Creo-Kiln Collection Splashbacks

Creo-Kiln Collection Splashbacks

Our Creo-Kiln Splashbacks is a unique design. This gives you a 3D Glass Splashback. This collection is available in a few different designs. Giving you different options of what you want in your Kitchen.

Available at only a few Glass Glazing companies within the UK. This design is a unique design. Which colours really change your Kitchen or Bathroom from the normal designs.

CreoGlass pride ourselves on giving you the highest quality designs. We also provide the highest quality services. We provide full Measure & Fitting services. This ensures your Glass Splashback fits perfectly.

Additional Specifications

Like our Italian Collection Glass Splashbacks, This design is imported straight to us. We perform our quality checks and back the panels with a protective foiling. This makes the Glass stronger and safer in the unlikely event of it smashing. 

There are limitations to this product. You can find out more by visiting our Factory Showroom in Watford. you can also call our Sales on 01923 819 684.

Features about our Creo-Kiln Collection Splashbacks

  • 8mm Toughened Glass.
  • Maximum Panel Length: 3.2 Metres. Width: 1.2 Metres.
  • Available In 8 Different Design Types.
  • Impact & Heat Resistant Up To 400°C.
  • All UK Made Toughened Glass.
  • Cut-Outs For Sockets & Switches.
  • Use Any Chemical To Clean Surfaces.