Cobweb Collection Splashbacks

Cobweb Collection Splashbacks

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Our Cobweb Collection Splashbacks consist of handcrafted patterns. Inspired by the fine detail and coverage of spiders cobwebs, these patterns have a unique variation with each splashback. Every design is handcrafted to the spacing and layout of patterns. 
These textured splashback designs are available in 8 different colour styles.

Our Workshop team creates this Cobweb Collection in-house. All Cobweb Samples and Splashbacks cannot be replicated in the same way twice. The Glass is bespoke made.

We follow the same design to ensure the Splashback you order is as similar as possible to the Sample you receive.

More Information about Cobweb Collection Splashbacks

Cobweb Collection Splashbacks

Our Cobweb Collection is an up and rising design in the Glass Glazing industry. Produced in-house in any of the 6 designs, we can either fit for you in your Kitchen or supply for you to do yourself. This is a very unique and delicate design so lead times take longer than usual. ®CreoGlass Designs factory warehouse produces everything by hand.

This design has taken a long time for CreoGlass Design to perfect. We offer samples of our Cobweb Collection. However, the design on your Splashback may look slightly different from the design on the sample. CreoGlass employees design your product when your Glass arrives. For the best possible way to see how our Cobweb design looks please visit our Factory Showroom and speak to our Sales Department who can show you around all of the Cobweb designs and help you find which one you like best.

Features about our Cobweb Collection Splashbacks

  • 6mm Toughened Glass
  • Maximum Panel Length Of 3 Metres
  • Different Colour Variations Available
  • Impact & Heat Resistant Up To 400°C
  • All UK Made Toughened Glass
  • Cut-Outs For Sockets & Switches
  • Use Any Chemical To Clean Surfaces