Antique Mirror Splashbacks

Antique Mirror Splashbacks are vintage style mirrors are recognisable by the distinctive distressed look suitable for modern, country and rustic style kitchens.

 These vintage style toughened antique mirrors are also heat and impact resistant making them the only correct product for Kitchen Glass Splashbacks. We provide a large range of variety antiquing patterns and pattern densities and colour hues. Please enquire about more details.

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Antique Mirror Splashbacks made by CreoGlass in Watford are toughened making the suitable for kitchen splashbacks. These mirrors are recognisable by the distinctive distressed look of the reflective layer.

 Our toughened Antique Mirror Splashbacks range is custom designed available is several different patterns and pattern density. 

 ®CreoGlass Antique Mirror Splashback are derived from popular range of ®CreoGlass Toughened Mirror Splashbacks and therefore they are manufactured to proven high standards.


Antique Mirror Splashbacks
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