100% Fine Sparkles Splashbacks


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Creoglass 100% Fine Sparkles Splashbacks adds an extra special touch to a coloured glass splashback.

These sparkle types all provide fine dispersion of light. In areas illuminated by downlighting, they are highly effective. Providing a unique metallic tone to your glass splashback. These sparkles are added to any plain colour to create a glittery glass splashback.

All sparkles can be applied in 3 density styles of light, medium & heavy.

Our 100% Fine Glitters range is made up of different sparkle colours backed with the specific colour to make the sparkles stand out more in your Kitchen.

Order your own bespoke sample here to see how it will look in your Kitchen or living area. Our Samples come in different sizes and prices.

More Information about 100% Fine Sparkles Splashbacks

100% Fine Sparkles Splashbacks

These Splashbacks are made up of the sample Sparkles used on our Plain Colour range. We offer Light, Medium, heavy or Extra-Heavy Sparkle densities. In this collection, We fill up all 100% of your Glass Panel and back them with either the same colour paint, White or Black. We have been doing this design for a long time and have learnt over time the best combination of both sparkles and colours.

Contact us at our Factory Showroom in Watford. Or you can call us on 01923 819 684. We have all Samples available to see giving you options of all 9 of our Sparkle choices. You can also order your sample online and have it sent out next day.

Features about our Sparkles Splashbacks

  • 6mm Toughened Glass
  • Maximum Panel Length Of 4.5 Metres
  • 7 Different Glitter Colours Available
  • 3 Different Density Options Available
  • Impact & Heat Resistant Up To 400°C
  • All UK Made Toughened Glass
  • Cut-Outs For Sockets & Switches
  • Use Any Chemical To Clean Surfaces