Privacy Policy

Changes to this policy can be made at any time, the most recent date this policy has been modified is 24/05/18.


What does Creoglass do with personal data?

We use your data to help complete and improve our services & products

  • Providing you with information about our product & services, keeping you up-to-date, informed and responding to your enquiries such as providing quotations, notifying you on the progress of your project, arranging appointments & completing business transactions.
  • Improving our products and services for you and other customers including performing market research to understand latest design trends, improve website functionality & ensure our products and services reach a relevant audience.
  • Legal, regulatory or business reasons such as assisting with crime and fraud prevention, providing information when brokering finance deals and ensuring successful processing and completion of the products and services you have requested.


How long do Creoglass keep personal data?

We keep information from when you first enquire, while you’re our customer and after we’ve completed your requested service or purchase.

We use your information to provide you with the products and services you have ordered or requested and for a variety of other reasons following completion of our services.

For example, we may need to prove details of your order with us for validation of warranties and referral rewards. We may also keep information about how you use our products or services to improve our processes & products for future customers.

Data is kept for the minimum time necessary to provide the services requested or processes outlined in this policy or as required by Law. The user is able to request the Data Controller delete the data as detailed in section 7 below.


Who do Creoglass share my personal data with and why?

We will share your information in the following situations:

  • With partners and subcontractors who help us deliver the products and services you’ve chosen to enquire about or purchase;
  • When you have provided your consent;
  • When finance services are required through our provider Deko Pay
  • When we have legal or regulatory requirements such as a request from law enforcement agency.


What data does Creoglass hold about me and how is it collected?

We collect information in 3 ways:

  1. Directly from you: such as information filled in within quotation or registration forms, surveys, over the phone & via email and social media requests;

By contacting Creoglass Design Ltd through our various communication mediums the user is authorising Creoglass Design Ltd to use this data to fulfil the enquiry or request or service that the user indicates in their communication. Messages & enquiries are processed in the UK by staff of Creoglass Design Ltd only for the purposes requested by the user.

  1. From Analytics and cookies: Analytics data is aggregated to allow the website operator (Creoglass Design Limited) to analyse visitor trends, popular sections, bounce rates and conversions, among other things. This data is processed by Google & it may use the data to personalize the ads of it’s own advertising network. Google Anayltics requires that Personally Identifiable Information is not collected and allows users IP addresses to be anonymized.

You can find out more about googles data compliances here:

This site uses cookies. A cookie is a small file containing an identity code. With your consent, your computer accepts the cookie and stores it. When you next visit the Site, the code is retrieved, allowing an individual visitor or computer to be recognised.

These cookies are also used for remarketing and monitoring conversions of website visitors from third party sources such as social media platforms and Creoglass Design Ltd adverts placed on third party websites & online platforms. In many cases these cookies created when a user clicks on an ad expires in 30 days.

You can set your browser to delete cookies every time you finish browsing (Find out more for FireFoxInternet ExplorerChromeSafari).

You can find out more about what cookies are and how cookies are used here:

  1. From 3rd parties: mainly when a 3rd party enquires or purchases our services or products on your behalf. This data will be processed in the same way that data supplied directly by you. Other 3rd party information includes information from credit reference agencies and fraud protection agencies.


How is the security of my data ensured?

Creoglass Design Ltd takes the security of data very seriously. We use a number of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal data from unauthorized access, misuse or unconsented disclosure.

Sale transactions are completed via Paypal Pro and no card information is stored by Creoglass Design Ltd directly.

For more information on how Paypal processes your data, please view their privacy poloicy outlined here:

For further information on how to ensure your security while online, visit here for a helpful guide:


What rights do I have to my data?

You have the following rights:

  • To be informed about how we use your personal data (the purpose of this Privacy Notice);
  • Request a copy of all personal data stored concerning the user
  • Request that incorrect data is corrected
  • Request that their data be provided in portable digital format (e.g. csv)
  • Request that personal data is deleted or blocked
  • The right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner ( if you think that any of your rights have been infringed by us.

Please see below on details of how to contact us regarding any of these requests.


How do I change my email marketing preferences?

You can also opt-out of marketing communications by following unsubscribe links at the bottom of any marketing emails received from Creoglass Design Ltd.


How can I contact Creoglass regarding my data?

If you would like more information or would like to raise any queries with us in relation to your information, Please contact us via:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01923 819 684

You can also contact us by writing to the Data Protection Officer at:

Data Protection Officer

Creoglass Design Ltd

15-19 Greenhill Crescent


WD18 8PH