100% Fine Sparkle Hob Splashbacks

Creo Glass

Our 100% fine sparkles provide fine dispersion of light, creating the eye-catching shimmer that will follow you and change depending on where you stand in the room. They are highly effective in areas illuminated by downlighting, providing a unique metallic tone to your glass splashback. We offer a wide range of glitter colours for you to choose from.

Choose your size:

  • 600x600mm
  • 600x750mm
  • 750x750mm
  • 1050x750mm

Each DIY glass splashback is made to order.

Choose your adhesive option, and once your splashback arrives you're good to go.

For a custom fit and made to measure splashback, please enquire with our CreoGlass Design team or browse our range of bespoke made to measure splashbacks.