LED-Backlit Feature Wall Art

Illuminate your walls with beautiful designs that harness natures beauty.

LED-Backlit Wall Art

The collection is inspired by natures beauty. The images are from our private database of ultra-high-resolution images.


• Turn Large Empty Walls Into a Work of Art
• LED backlit

Available in:

• A Large Range of Printed Designs
• Choose from our Private Data Base of Ultra-high Resolution Precious Stone Images
• 2440x1220mm, 1220x1220mm, 600x1220mm, 600x600mm

Illuminate your home with our LED-Backlit Feature Wall Art Glass Panels

We've developed a range of unique designs from our private archive of ultra-high-resolution crystal stone images to create Glass Feature Panels, illuminated by LED lights behind. These stunning images are also featured in our Crystal Stones Splashbacks and Printed Feature Walls.

Printed glass makes the perfect pairing for LED backlights. The light brings the design to life, highlighting the stunning detail of the designs. Utilise an empty wall and transform it into a captivating LED-Backlit Feature Wall Art with our Glass. The designs can be lined up across multiple glass panels to create a large surface area that spans the entire width and height of your walls without loosing the 300 dpi resolution.

Bring a touch of nature into your home

The LED Backlit Feature Wall Art panel designs take advantage of natures beautiful properties, the natural patterns and colours that occur. Nature can decrease feelings of stress, worry and anger, and increase positive and pleasant feelings. Therefore, the presence of our Crystal Stones LED Backlit Feature Wall Art can bring warmth and comfort into a room.

We're able to customise your designs to ensure the best fit for your home. We can adjust the colours and size of the designs to match existing colour schemes in your home.

LED lights are energy-efficient, and have a long-lasting life. If used 12 hours a day, an LED bulb can last up to 11 years. Combined with our high-quality glass panels, our LED-Backlit Wall Art is an investment that will light up your home for many years to come.

We have a selection of sizes available for these beautiful panels to fit perfectly into your home:

  • 2440x1220mm
  • 1220x1220mm
  • 600x1220mm
  • 600x600mm

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