Glass Skyforce Balconies

A seamless panel of glass, offering uninterrupted views.

Bringing more space and light to areas inside the home.

Glass Skyforce Balconies

Glass Skyforce Balconies 1
Glass Skyforce Balconies 1
Glass Skyforce Balconies 2
Glass Skyforce Balconies 2
Glass Skyforce Balconies 3
Glass Skyforce Balconies 3
Glass Skyforce Balconies 4
Glass Skyforce Balconies 4

What are glass skyforce balconies?

Glass skyforce balconies are our most popular type of ®CreoGlass glass balcony.

Glass skyforce balconies are made from toughened glass with supports at either end. This allows the glass Juliet balcony to have no cutouts and a seamless panel of glass.

The glass skyforce balustrade also allows you to put the supports on uneven walls. This is beneficial because when installing a glass Juliet balcony which uses clamps, all the clamps have to be drilled into place at the exact same level, otherwise, the glass could shatter.

Is it safe to have a balcony made from glass?

Our glass skyforce balustrades are made from toughened glass which is the safest choice. The glass is toughened glass which is manufactured by heating regular glass to 650°C and then cooling it back down. If the glass is put under pressure it will break into blunt pieces rather than sharp shards. If you want to see how tough the glass is, take a look at our CreoGlass Video.


The skyforce Juliet balcony system

These panels of glass are clamped together at either end of the glass. This saves money on hole cutouts where the glass would normally be clamped to the wall. These metal supports are then drilled into the wall and support your glass panel.

The following diagram shows how the supports on either side of the glass hold the glass up. This product is designed to save you money on your Juliet balcony by not needing any cutouts in the glass.

Find out more about the benefits of glass skyforce balconies or other glass balustrades and give us a call for a free consultation on 01923 819 684.


• Toughened Glass With Supports on Either End
• No Cutouts and a Seamless Panel of Glass
• Bespoke Design
• UK Manufacturer
• 5 Star Reviews
• CAD Design
• Best Price Guarantee
• Building Regulations Advice
• Project Management
• In House Surveyors

Available in:

• Bronze, Grey and Clear Colour Tones

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