Glass Landing Balustrades

A sleek, minimalistic safety feature. Opening up your hallways and landings, creating light and space.

Give your home the wow factor with a glass landing balustrade

Glass Staircase Balustrades

What is a glass balustrade?

When glass is part of the structure of the balustrade wall or railing, and not just inserted as a panel, it is referred to as a glass balustrade. This glass balustrade is highly versatile and can be used for many different purposes.

The strength of the design lies within the base that grips the glass panels without movement. The glass panels themselves are strong and unyielding to pressure.

The benefits of a glass balustrade on an upstairs landing?

A glass balustrade on a landing has both aesthetic and practical advantages. It immediately adds the wow factor. You will be able to see the glass feature as you walk up the stairs as well as on the landing itself. Often seen in elaborate architectural home building projects, and part of the image of a dream house. As you look up to the landing from the floor below, you will see that a glass landing balustrade is designed so that the staircase doesn’t interrupt the rest of the architectural design.

In fact, the glass landing balustrade can complement and blend in with any modern or traditional home. As there is no visual barrier, the eye will be drawn to the other side, enhancing any items on display and making the landing feel much bigger and lighter.

The advantages include:

  • The use of toughened glass for strength and safety
  • Resilience to wear and tear and knocks in a high traffic area
  • Easy to clean
  • Little or no need for maintenance

Why use toughened glass?

Toughened glass is stronger than regular glass. Toughened glass is strengthened by controlled thermal and chemical treatments. After it has been toughened, it will crumble down into small chunks rather than sharp shards if the glass is broken.

Glass outperforms other materials traditionally used for railings on a landing. Wood rots and the paint can chip and discolour and masonry and iron are heavy and obstruct light and view.

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• Toughened Glass, 100% Safe
• Bespoke Design
• UK Manufacturer
• 5 Star Reviews
• CAD Design
• Best Price Guarantee
• Building Regulations Advice
• Project Management
• In House Surveyors

Available in:

• Bronze, Grey and Clear Colour Tones
• Post & Rail System
• Base Rail Only
• Infinity Glass
• A range of different Clamps and Fittings

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