Glass Juliet Balconies

Beautiful Unbroken View to the Outside.

Bringing more space and light to areas inside the home.

Glass Juliet Balconies

Glass Juliet Balcony
Glass Juliet Balcony
Glass Juliet Balcony 1
Glass Juliet Balcony 1
Glass Juliet Balcony 2
Glass Juliet Balcony 2
Glass Juliet Balcony 3
Glass Juliet Balcony 3
Glass Juliet Balcony 4
Glass Juliet Balcony 4
Glass Juliet Balcony 5
Glass Juliet Balcony 5

Glass Juliet Balconies

What are the benefits of a Juliet balcony?

A Juliet balcony immediately conjures up the namesake - that famous balcony scene in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The aesthetics live up to the romantic image, with many people today still choosing this classic design for its good looks.

A glass Juliet balcony adds some benefits over other materials:

  • Safety - if you have large double doors or windows above your ground floor a Juliet balcony will keep children and pets safe when you want to open the windows and doors in summer.
  • Aesthetics - whether you have a period property or a new-build apartment, a glass Juliet balcony will blend into the surroundings unlike steel Juliet balconies. If you have a beautiful view or would like to bring surrounding greenery in a glass juliet balcony will do this without obstruction.
  • Light - a glass Juliet balcony will bring more light into your home, making a room feel more spacious

Do you need planning permission for a Juliet balcony?

A true Juliet balcony does not have a platform to stand on so you would not need planning permission. If the Juliet balcony has a floor, no matter how small, you will need planning approval.

Is it safe to have a balcony made from glass?

Our ®CreoGlass balconies are made from toughened laminated glass which is the safest choice for your Juliet balcony. The glass is toughened glass which is manufactured by heating regular glass to 650°C and then cooling it back down. If the glass is put under pressure it will break into blunt pieces rather than sharp shards. In the unlikely event of the glass shattering, by introducing our toughened laminated glass to our Juliet balconies we increased the safety − the balcony will remain in position to provide safety until replaced. If you want to see how tough the glass is, take a look at our ®CreoGlass video.

Toughened laminated glass is:

  • 100% impact resistant
  • Heat resistant up to 400°C
  • Durable and does not discolour over time
  • Easy to clean

Find out more about our glass Juliet balconies or to chat about the cost, give us a call for a free consultation on 01923 819 684.


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Available in:

• Bronze, Grey and Clear Colour Tones

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