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Printed Glass Splashbacks

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Ice Cracked Glass Splashbacks

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Fibre Collection Glass Splashbacks

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-Offers are available to new customers only with every order over 1sqm of glass.
-Estimates provided directly by CreoGlass Design are only valid up to 50 miles radius from Watford.
-Orders beyond 50 miles radius are subject to feasibility and an additional travel fee.
-Offers are not available in conjunction with other offers.
-Discounts are applied to the cost of glass for each project.
-Offer are not available in conjunction with Monthly Payments option. 
-You can call now to secure our current offers for up to 6 months in advance. 

Our prices are amongst the best with a portfolio of jobs, experience and range that no other company can offer. If the discounted price is still over your budget you don’t have to give up as yet though.
You still have these options to consider:

1. Avoid expensive shapes

Split the large inverted “T” shape glass panel into three smaller ones, so we can maximise the yield of glass sheet and reduce the wastage. We all want join-less splashbacks, however if the budget is tight we have to compromise. Vertical joints are slightly visible depends on colour. Textured finishes hide the joints better than light colours. The quality and minimal tolerance of joint gaps depends on experience of the manufacture and the fitter. This is where you will recognise the crucial difference between quality products. Glass splashback is an investment so do make wise decision who you buy from “…You get what you pay for…” as they say.





2. Reduce the height

By reducing the height of the splashbacks you can reduce the costs substantially.
Keep the most important one in full height- Feature panel behind the hob going up to the extractor fan.  Then if your budget allows start adding upstands for the rest of the walls (average upstand height is 150mm, the maximum length is 3m). Upstands normally run just below the sockets and so saving you money on cut-outs, glass as well as labour cost. You can also buy DIY Splashbacks and Upstands HERE

Signal Red Glass Splashback

3. Pay Monthly

If you don’t want to compromise on the specs of your splashbacks you can take our “PAY MONTHLY” option.
Paying monthly means the cost of CreoGlass Splashbacks & Worktops are spread over a much longer period without any interest. Letting you ease the costs of finishing that dream kitchen or bathroom when your current budget is running low. We offer 4 payment terms : 6 – 9 – 10 & 12 Months.
Your monthly payments are calculated from the amount remain after you pay your deposit. We require a minimum 10% Deposit. Larger deposits will reduce your monthly payments.
Our Payment Calculator shows how we can break the remaining cost of your project down into small and affordable monthly payments. Change the slider amount to discover how much you will pay per month for your remaining project balance.

Green Coloured Glass Splashback

£90 per month
10% deposit and a 12 month term