Innovation is immensely important to a company like ours that wants to keep moving forward. Product innovation can mean developing new forms of glass; it can also mean producing new designs. Usually at CreoGlass those two things go together because when we see a new kind of glass we also see its potential for our designers.


Brilliant Collection

It’s new and it’s extremely stylish. The CreoGlass Brilliant Collection uses reflective elements in random shapes to create glass splash backs that arouse constant wonder. When the cook moves across the kitchen, what is reflected back changes. Lift a pan or a pot, open a door, turn on a light and the same thing happens: what is reflected back changes. In the short time it’s been on the market, some of the biggest and best-known names in house furnishing and design have taken it up. As a work surface or a splashback it is quite simply astonishing. Take a look – we know you’ll love it just as we do.


Ice Cracked Mirror

This is something different. We developed it for glass splashbacks, but designers with an eye for the new used it in bar tops and in bathrooms as well as in kitchens as a splashback to sinks (for reasons that will appear shortly, you can’t use it anywhere where it will get hot). Ice Cracked Glass is made of five layers: non-toughened glass, resin, toughened glass, resin, non-toughened glass or mirror.

When you get all five layers sandwiched together, the result is a product that can’t be cut so the cutting to size takes place before the glass is made. After cutting, one glass layer is stuck to another with resin. They are given several days to cure before addition of the last glass and resin layer. Now we have our (as yet unfinished) “sandwich.” After the final layers of non-toughened glass have been put in place, the edges of the middle section are polished in order deliberately to crack them. It’s that cracking that causes the quite stunning effect of this glass.

As we said, it can’t take great heat so it must not go near a hob or other heat source and nor can you drill into it, so power points and switches cannot be applied. Once it’s complete, it’s complete. You would not use this everywhere, but in specific local applications the effect is just astonishing.


Golden Glass

We said new, we said stylish, we said splashback. If you can run those three things together to come up with what you’re looking for, just take a look at our Golden Glass Splash backs. Developed in Italy by an exclusive designer who is a byword for style, Golden Glass is a joy on the eye and smooth to the touch. Bevelled, toughened glass with the heat resistance you expect from CreoGlass and unique textures in animal skin or abstract patterns.

A splashback is no longer just another utilitarian product; with CreoGlass it’s a stylish conversation piece.

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