Mother of Pearl, Metallic and Satin Collection

Our workshop and design team are working hard on the release of three brand new collections that are being greatly admired in our showroom.

These designs have attracted a large amount of attention from the new displays in our Watford showroom as well as our first few installations. All three collections are unique and elegant featuring softer designs and balanced colours.

Mother of Pearl

design is a fine opalescent lustre that is added onto a standard or bespoke colour to give the sheen of a pearl. This is a smooth glow that looks beautiful on our subtle colour range, particularly soft fauna and antelope. It is entirely dependant on which angle the glass is viewed from for you to see the variety of iridescent shades this pearl finish creates.

Metallic Collection

is a finish that many customers ask for, as it gives a similar effect to many of the modern kitchen appliances and accessories. Available in a variety of colour tones, this collection would seamlessly tie your kitchen together.

Satin Range

has excited many of our customers due to its understated beauty. Unlike the rainbow glitter that reflects the entire colour spectrum, this is a fine silver finish that when applied heavily can give any colour a soft metallic-like shimmer. This has drawn in many customers looking for that ‘special something’, that does not take anything away from our plain colours, but instead it enhances the depth of the colour. You can Mix ‘n’ Match any colour and choose from three densities of Satin silver simmer – Light, Medium, Heavy.

These exclusive Creoglass designs are not only stylish and unique but fall into our medium price bracket, making our bespoke designs affordable for all of our customers.

The customers who are interested visit our showroom where all three designs are on display in a variety of exciting colours.
For more details, samples, estimated and colour consultation please contact us on 01923 819 684 or email us to [email protected]

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