So, you’ve got a new modern kitchen on order, or looking at some great contemporary designs – now’s the time to see where you can add a splash of colour, a few detailed finishing touches, or other fabulous ways to really reflect your personality.

Re-designing a kitchen is a very personal thing; the end product will be there to delight you for years to come – and let’s face it – we love our kitchens.

Modern contemporary style kitchens are an increasingly popular trend for all types of home; we love the simplicity of design, the clean lines, and in many cases, the order which comes hand-in-hand with a well arranged functional space. The great news is that there’s more ways than you might think to inject your own flair into the room.

When we think about adding some extra style to a modern design we can easily fall into the trap of almost literally piling on the quirky, colourful accessories and creating the clutter we’d only just consigned to history – that was the old us, we’re minimalist and sleek now – aren’t we? Well, whilst it’s virtually impossible to keep your dream kitchen protected from the ravages and debris of family life, or the destruction brought about by a great party, you must stop short of bringing home every funky, must-have kitchen gadget you see in the shops.

Instead of filling your new space, with equally new clutter, why not put your personality and a shock of colour onto the walls with some striking new toughened glass backsplashes? We prefer to forget the old cracked tiles and “waterproof” paint from the past – the key benefits of glass backsplashes appear to be function, versatility and style.

Glass is pretty sturdy stuff, and toughened glass units for the kitchen can withstand heats of up to 400 degrees centigrade, as well as being impact resistant. Glass backsplashes, being non-porous, are also anti-bacterial, chemical resistant, and easy to clean.

Modern glass backsplashes can be produced to almost any specification and made to fit virtually any new or existing kitchen – it’s even possible in some cases to colour match other features in the room or have units incorporating fully controllable LED lights.

The best thing about glass backsplashes is the style – or more to the point, we think the best thing is the extensive range of styling options. Backsplashes are available in an almost unlimited pallet of colours thanks to the way that glass is formed and treated. We love a wide-ranging choice of colour but the benefits of glass don’t end there – with the addition of natural minerals, metal elements and other pigments, it is possible to give backsplash units a variety of lovely rich deep textures. If you love an explosion of colour, a little bit of shimmer, or something completely bespoke, pretty much anything your heart desires can be crafted into the design. With some manufacturers now incorporating almost any image or artwork into glass, the only possible limit to style is your imagination.

So, clear the decks; keep all the clutter at bay and hide your creativity – all over the walls.


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