Whether you’re planning a move or looking to raise the value of your property, your kitchen needs to be your primary focus. Why? Because the kitchen is the heartbeat of your home and, as such, it’s the space which will have the greatest impact on potential buyers. A light and airy space which speaks to the viewer of contemporary design as well as offering flexible usage could to add up to 4.6% onto the value of your house. By contrast, a neglected kitchen in need of love and attention can lower the emotional impact of the house as a whole, and alert your prospective buyer to be on the look-out for problems, rather than opportunities, as they view the rest of the property.

Before planning any upgrades, take a moment to look at your kitchen as a buyer would. Bringing fresh eyes to a space can often reveal the problems, oddities and quirks which we learn to overlook. Start thinking of your kitchen as pure potential by asking the five following questions:

  • 1. What is the condition of the work surfaces? Do they look clean, uncluttered, hygienic and spacious?
  • 2. What condition are the walls in? Are they spoiled with splashes and stains?
  • 3. Do the splashbacks look bright and fresh? Do they contribute to the design of the kitchen as a whole?
  • 4. Does your kitchen design speak of considered creative decisions, or hastily acquired add-ons?
  • 5. What’s the quality of natural light in this space? How is this space altered by the artificial light you have installed?

Your answers to these questions will start to create a list of priorities for your upgrade. Most important you will have begun to think carefully about the space; prospective buyers want to experience your kitchen as an environment which has had time and attention focused on it. It’s not necessarily about how much money has been spent; rather it’s about creating a living and working space founded on care and nurture.

Work Surfaces

Chipped or cracked work surfaces are very unappealing, especially within the kitchen environment where we look for the optimum cleanliness. Ideally work surfaces should be gleaming and free of damage, dirt or disfiguring joins.


Laminate surfaces can be chipped and damaged, granite is thick and heavy, CreoGlass toughened glass worktops provide a modern and effective solution. Leading the way are our Non-Scratch Worktops. These are chemical, impact and scratch resistant. Thinner than bulky granite surfaces and extremely durable, these provide a beautiful modern look to your main work surfaces. Our design team manufacture each individual worktop from high quality toughened glass to ensure heat resistance, high impact resistance and scratch resistance. The surface is non-porous – guaranteeing an easy to clean, hygienic surface, and a shine which will maintain throughout its usage. Our worktops come in a dazzling array of colours, and can be enhanced with custom artwork of your choosing.

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Walls and Splashbacks

Splashes, stains and grease-marks are immediately off-putting, so if your walls are showing their age you should certainly make them a priority. Likewise, if you have installed ceramic tiles, wood, or stainless steel splashbacks that are dulled from usage, you may want to replace them. Remember, your prospective buyer wants to see a kitchen that offers a high return on low maintenance, so whatever your decision, it needs to speak about the future as well as the present moment.


Glass splashbacks can transform a kitchen work space into a stylish and elegant environment fit for cooking, living and entertaining. CreoGlass splashbacks provide tough protection for your walls, an easy to clean non-porous surface, and a palette of colours and designs which will give flair and individuality to your kitchen. Our splashbacks can be cut to fit your particular needs, their impact is immediate, and their quality is long-lasting.

First Impressions

Prospective buyers visiting a home will make instinctive decision on whether a home is worth buying or moving into. With all the numbers and statistics in evaluating a home, The simplest details of your home will leave an instant lasting impression to buyers.


Taking your visitors breath away can set the standard for anyones perception of your entire home. Tens of thousands of pounds can be spent on renovating your kitchen, but the FIRST thing most visitors see and talk about is a beautiful modern CreoGlass Splashback or Worktop. Our extensive and exclusive range of glass splashbacks and worktops can turn any kitchen into something special. Modern with huge functional benefits, they can provide more than their own monetary value when a buyer falls in love at first site.

At CreoGlass we pride ourselves on offering help, advice and support throughout your kitchen upgrade journey. We love discussing our range of colours, textures and designs, and we’re delighted to help out if you decide to create your own individual look by integrating artwork, patterns or prints. Our design team has years of experience under their belts which they would like to share with you. Whatever the extent of your upgrade, we can help you to get the best possible value for the budget you can bring to it.

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