Kitchen islands come in many shapes and sizes. Some are simplicity itself and some…well, some aren’t. But there are some things that will always be there. There will be a surface; there may or may not be a splashback (depending on whether it’s completely freestanding); there may be inserts – perhaps a sink, perhaps a hob, perhaps something else; there may be cupboards in the base with doors, or simply shelves. However you want to design yours, coloured glass will do the whole job for you. Beautifully. Durably.



Let’s begin with worktops. Kitchen worktops have to be two things: functional and decorative. They must do the job, do it reliably and do it for a long time. And they must look good while they’re doing it. It isn’t a choice: functional or decorative. You don’t need one of the other – you need both.

You need glass.

Coloured glass.


Functional? Take a look:

  • • A CreoGlass work surface will take temperatures of 400ºC and more, so you can put a pan straight from the hob or a dish straight from the oven on it and it won’t shatter. Or mark.
  • • A CreoGlass work surface is harder than stone. Feel free to hit it with a hammer. You won’t break it. Use your sharpest kitchen knife on it. You won’t scratch it.
  • • A CreoGlass work surface doesn’t care when you spill things – it’s glass, for heaven’s sake! Clean it up and it’s as good as new. Use any kind of chemicals you like; the CreoGlass doesn’t care.
  • • A CreoGlass work surface is as hygienic as it’s possible to be. Keep it clean and there won’t be any germs lurking with their nasty beady little eyes on your family’s health.

Okay, it does the job. But what about appearance?

  • • The thinner the work surface, the better it looks. The thinnest CreoGlass work surface you can install is 12 mm thick. The thickest is only 19 mm. Compare that with other worktops that start at 30 and go up from there. Clumsy!
  • • A CreoGlass work surface is harder than stone. Feel free to hit it with a hammer. You won’t break it. Use your sharpest kitchen knife on it. You won’t scratch it.
  • • CreoGlass has a huge number of colours, textures and patterns. One of those combinations is a perfect match for your kitchen.
  • • Square edges or round? It’s all one to CreoGlass, so pick the one that matches everything else in the room.


The number of things you can surround with a work surface is limited only by your imagination and ours. We can cut a hole the exact size and shape of your sink; we can make exactly the space you need for your hob; tell us your idea and we’ll tell you how we’ll do it.


Unless it’s freestanding, a work surface needs a splashback. Can anything look nicer than a splashback that exactly matches the work surface? In colour, in texture, in pattern, in the shape of the edge? We don’t think so, either. And all those easy clean and hygienic benefits are still there. And, because you can have it only 12 mm thick, it’s not eating into the space you have.

Fitting and finance

A beautiful kitchen that’s a joy to look at and a dream to work in does not happen by accident. The best kitchens are collaborations between the person who uses them and the people who make them. CreoGlass Design believes that expert jobs should be done by expert people. No one knows better than you how you want your kitchen to look. No one knows better than us how to make it happen the way you want it. Our designers will give you exactly what you tell us you’re looking for – and then, if you want us to, we’ll fit it for you. And tell us if you need help in financing this beautiful new kitchen we’re going to help you create.

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