Premium, Italian, Cobweb & Creo-Kiln Splashbacks

The most effective way of adding depth to any kitchen is through a textured splashback. Capture the beauty of nature within your kitchen by selecting our award-winning premium collection which perfectly combines natural hues with a complex 3D structured design. Available in three different colours, this splashback surface produces an organic glimmer from a variety of light sources. The surface is made from real mineral flakes which reflects the supreme quality of the CreoGlass premium range. The quality of our product mirrors its practicality. All of our surfaces are impact resistant and heat resistant up to 400’c meaning it’s incredibly durable and a perfect splashback for a busy kitchen.

Italian Splashbacks

Italy has long been regarded as the home of sophistication and style. We’ve partnered with an exclusive Italian glass brand to offer you the opportunity to add the same level of style to your kitchen.  

Add an extra dimension to your kitchen

With the use of premium patterns, you can add an extra dimension and texture to your kitchen which will enhance the visual ascetic dramatically.  Adding a textured splashback can act as a focal point to your room, which will instantly capture attention. Alternatively, using subtle textures within your splashback will work as a complementary layer which, when combined with other features in your kitchen, will create a luxurious feel.  

Handcrafted cobweb splashbacks

For a truly unique look in your kitchen, consider adding a unique cobweb splashback. Our splashback designers hand-finish each cobweb splashback individually, meaning you’ll have a truly one-off design in your kitchen. With eight different cobweb texture designs available, you have a range of options available to choose from, based on your own personal preferences.

Creokiln Glass Splashbacks

With 8 different textured designs and over 12 metallic colours to pick between, the Creokiln glass splashback can be fully personalised to your own personal preferences. Our Creokiln splashbacks come with an ultra-modern design which can dramatically transform the look of any kitchen.