Our range of custom designed splashbacks is the most special and unique in all of the UK. Providing you with professional Graphic Design guidance and amazing Glass Products at the end of your project. All of our custom projects come with the choice of choosing from the images and designs we supply or you are freely given the choice to supply your own design. No matter what you choose you will not be alone in making the decision for what you would like in your Kitchen!

Printed Splashbacks

We offer a Printed service giving you the choice of any image from a website called Adobe Stock, an image you provide and our famous wave designs! Giving you the choice to choose from some of the templates we offer like our Galaxy Wave and our Rainbow Wave or you are given the choice to design your own with help of our professional Graphic Design team. If you provide your own image our Graphic Design team will go over the image and let you know if it is high quality enough as what we print huge scale.

Stencilled Splashbacks

We offer a wide range of Stencil designs and you have the choice to provide your own too! When choosing a Stencil that we provide our Graphic Design team will work with you by sending you updates and visuals on how your panel will look with your chosen Stencil design on it. When providing your own design to be Stencilled please ensure your image is one solid colour and in a vector format.

LED Splashbacks

Our LED Splashbacks can be Printed, Stencilled or be Plain Colour with the LED strips at the back of your glass. Illuminating your panels in a range of different colours! When having your LED panel Printed or Stencilled or Graphic Design team will ensure you are given visuals on how your panel will look before your Glass Splashback is fitted or approved by you!