Mirrored splashbacks are a made from carefully crafted toughened material which will brighten the appearance of your kitchen. By using only natural materials throughout our design process, we are able to create a durable end product which is practical and stunning in equal measure. For a more spacious, lively kitchen, mirrored splashbacks are the only option. With the reflective surface, our splashbacks are able to capture all available natural light and bounce it around the kitchen. The increased level of natural light will make your kitchen space look and feel larger.

Heat-resistant splashbacks

The specialist team of CreoGlass designers have carefully selected our mirror range. Our heat-resistant toughened mirror splashbacks are practical and stunning. They are the perfect choice for customers with a lively, vibrant kitchen.

Liquid Mirror Splashbacks

A smooth, fluid looking splashback is a great option for anyone looking to create an elegant kitchen. For this, we always recommend the liquid mirror splashback. To create the best possible finish, our experts handcraft the liquid design on each individual splashback. This means your splashback will be one of a kind and completely unique to your kitchen.

Ice Cracked splashbacks

To make your kitchen even cooler, you should consider our ice cracked mirror splashbacks. This is an exclusive CreoGlass design which is forged from multiple layers of resin and toughened glass. Our technicians crack the first layer which gives the ice cracked mirror its distinctive appearance.

Striped Mirror effect available

For anyone looking for a modern, sleek design in their kitchen, they should consider adding a striped mirror effect. This design is exclusive and only available with CreoGlass. Our stripped mirror effect provides a touch of supreme luxury to an already sophisticated design.

Pattern Mirror Splashbacks

Our unique pattern mirror splashbacks provide an elegant finish in either modern or traditional kitchens. The CreoGlass design team are able to create a mirrored splashback from a wide variety of patterns. Find a design you like and our team will create a unique design specifically for your property.