To add a special shine to your kitchen, consider our affordable, practical and beautiful glitter and sparkle infused splashbacks. Our glitter uses available light sources to produce a glimmer by dispersing light around the kitchen. Based on your preferences, we can create light, medium or heavy sparkles within your splashback.

Fine Glitter splashbacks

To create a kitchen which shines and sparkles, consider adding a fine glitter splashback to your kitchen. With a number of glitter choices available, you can create a finish which is perfectly suited to your preferences. By combining any of our sparkle finishes with a colour of your choice, you will have a splashback which is perfectly suited to you.

The Luxury splashback collection

The CreoGlass Luxury collection is created from a process which was exclusively developed by CreoGlass and unavailable anywhere else. Using a deep texture design, we manipulate natural minerals and metal elements to create a superior shine which produces a variety of shimmering colours.

100% Luxury Splashbacks

Our 100% luxury splashbacks are carefully crafted by hand, using layers of metallic flakes to create a unique finish. Our 100% luxury splashbacks are one of the most premium, high-quality designs available.

Warm Fibre Splashbacks

To produce a glimmering warmth throughout your kitchen, consider adding a fibre splashback. This woven textured splashback produces a rich colour from a variety of light sources. The subtle, elegant finish will compliment your kitchen worktop perfectly and enhance the existing features within your kitchen.

All CreoGlass splashbacks are specially designed to withstand heavy impact and heat up to 400’C. Our refined design process has resulted in our splashbacks becoming one of the most durable and robust splashbacks available on the market. By requesting a quote on any of our glitter & sparkle splashbacks, you will see for yourself just how affordable our splashbacks are.