Getting the most out of LED lighting with glass splashbacks in the kitchen

It’s been a while since LED, or light-emitting diode, technology first came into general use. Many of us will remember the LED being pretty much limited to the ‘power on’ indicator on our hi-fi or Walkman. Over the years, the science has changed and so have the applications. LEDs are now found almost anywhere that artificial light is needed, from the car to the workplace as well as almost limitless applications in the home. We are interested in looking at just one way that you could add value to your kitchen – by installing modern glass splashbacks with LED lights.

Making your kitchen ‘future-proof’

When we look at planning a new kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is function. This room is a space where a lot happens so it needs to be clean, ergonomically designed and somewhere we’re happy to spend a lot of our time. Changing your kitchen units, splashbacks, or completing a total revamp is a worthwhile investment in any property so it’s important to get every detail right and make sure your design is future-proof.

Glass splashbacks are increasingly popular as a way to add contemporary style to a kitchen. We like classic, sleek lines and brilliant design that makes a statement – and this type of funky feature certainly meets those requirements. What makes LED lit splashbacks particularly impressive is their cool, futuristic appearance, along with the practical, cost effective functionality.

So why are glass splashbacks so great?

Using toughened glass in the kitchen is ideal due to its sheer strength and longevity. Glass splashbacks, unlike cheaper acrylics, are incredibly hardwearing, heat-resistant up to 400 degrees centigrade, scratch-proof, and because they are non-porous they’re very easy to keep clean and bacteria free. Glass does not discolour and it’s chemical resistant, so we think this is an ideal material for splashbacks and worktops that see so much daily use. Glass is also incredibly versatile, allowing the manufacture to include various minerals, metal elements and dyes to create really spectacular effects in colour and texture.

Why LEDs?

Using LED lights to illuminate your splashbacks is a practical solution as well as being great to look at. The lights sit behind or within the splashback units and provide impressive task lighting for your kitchen. It’s possible to choose dimmers to create mood lighting, or bask in the glow of a cool blue, a funky green or a striking red and to control these or many other colours. The lights are not just cool, they’re cost effective – each bulb has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and a top of the range bulb is likely to cost just £2.55 to light over the course of a year.

There are quite a few gadget on the market that use LEDs, we use them every day and even the aviation industry has put them to use on aircraft and even on the ground to illuminate runways. So, the fusion of stylish glass design and great technology is definitely something worth considering when it comes to your next kitchen.

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