Worktops come in various materials. Some of these need more care and cleaning than others. Laminate, glass, granite, composite stone, wood, and stainless steel are the most popular materials for kitchen worktops. Glass worktops were introduced on the market not too long ago. However, already they are becoming one of the most popular options for worktops.

Glass splashbacks have no doubt come a long way from the time they were accepted as a substitute for the commonly tiled areas situated in kitchens, bar areas, shower enclosures and BBQ areas. They come in a wide range of colours and finishes, and also limitless image and texture options. Glass splashbacks are easy to install and do not involve periodical spending of money on maintenance and repair.

Glass splashbacks and worktops are made of high quality, toughened glass, and are highly durable. They can withstand scrapes and bangs, cuts, exposure to acidic juices, and other common onslaughts.

Ceramic tiles, the melamine and laminated surfaces, such as the kitchen worktops, the stainless steel kitchen sink or porcelain basins in the bathroom, are usually glossy, hard and smooth. Most people think that all these surfaces remain quite clean and hygienic. However, what they do not know is that there is a dark secret prowling in every single grout line or worktop join.

A research carried out recently found that our kitchens can be a horrible place even without our knowledge. The gel in the petri dishes from swabs taken from grout lines, tiles, worktops and worktops joins to the laboratory soon revealed shocking results. All the tiny corners and cracks in worktops as well as abrasions in the stainless steel kitchen sink were found to be active breeding grounds for myriads of bacteria.

No Breeding Ground for Bacteria

When it comes to glass splashbacks, it is a different story. Other surfaces are comparatively harder to clean and maintain. Glass is naturally smooth, hard and cleaning it is a breeze. This is why surgical establishments prefer it. It is the same case with glass worktops; their seamless joins make them exceptionally smooth and easy to clean.

Glass splashbacks and worktops are super hygienic and do not offer any room for germs to hide. They do not harbour dirt or mold. Very few finishes can beat glass when it comes to easy cleaning and maintenance. They do not require expensive glass cleaning products to clean them.

Cleaning and maintenance of glass and glass tops is incredibly easy. Apart from that, glass worktops can come with corresponding splashbacks that are sealed at the angle. The smooth surface of glass splashbacks and worktops repels dirt. Other surfaces are not that smooth. Besides, they may levy different requirements associated with cleaning, which are at times difficult to fulfil.

When compared to other decoration products, like tiles, slabs, etc., glass splashbacks are flat and sleek, making it extremely easy to handle them. Anytime there is a spill or stain, all you need to do is to wipe it off, making them the easiest to clean and maintain.

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