Sensa Granite Worktops by Cosentino
Orin Granite Worktop

What is SENSA?

Sensa is a unique granite surface collection. Carefully chosen by Cosentino, this selection of surfaces are of the highest quality.   

Sourced from Brazil and India, these natural stone materials provide the most beautiful, elegant and exotic natural finishes nature can offer. Sensa granite surfaces also provide exceptional resistant to scratches and stains, offering an outstanding performance over time.

The reliability of these unique surfaces means a 15 year certified guarantee comes with all Sensa finishes.

Find out more about these surfaces at our Watford Showroom or enter your measurements to get a quotation on one of the Sensa finishes.


Sensa surfaces have distinct advantages over other granite surfaces. These have been specially treated to help prevent the penetration of liquids that results in staining of regular granite.

This treatment helps prolong the material’s natural characteristics and provides some key performance enhancements shown below: 


– No Special Maintenance required

– Certified & Approved for direct food contact

– High long term performance and guarantee from Cosentino

Sensa Treated Granite Comparison

Available Finishes

There are 8 different finishes available in the Sensa range: