Deep Gold Premium Worktop

Product Description

This Glass Kitchen Worktop Collection is achieved by a unique layered coating process developed by CreoGlass. By applying elements of metal, natural minerals and a variety of pigments on to the back of a toughened glass in layers we yet delivered just another great design. 

Premium COLLECTION WORKTOPS Are characterised by its impressive deep textured design and wide range of shimmering colours and sparkling effects complimented with great properties of a safety glass.

Our products are all designed and hand made entirely in the UK. All of our colour coated products require several layers, each with a curing period in between to achieve the deep structure design.


All UK made Toughened Glass
 No Marks left from hot pans
Use around the hob or sink
No Breakage from dropping pans/cookware
Use any chemical to clean surfaces
Available in 3 colour types
Available in 15-19mm thickness
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Colour Choices


Deep Silver


Deep Gold


Deep Mix

Premium Collection Worktops come in 15 colour types, shown in our gallery here.

All Premium Glass Worktops are all designed and hand made in our workshop/showroom In Watford.

This exclusive Collection is also used for glass splashbacks