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We offer a range of different Glass Worktops. All offering a unique and beautiful finish, giving you the chance of having the kitchen you always dreamed of. With the help of our Measure & Fitting Team and our Professional graphics Design team.

Scratch Resistant Glass Worktops: Our Scratch Resistant Glass Worktops come in 36 different stock colours and the choice of having any colour you want as long as you can provide a code. This Collection of Glass Worktops is Scratch Resistant, Heat Resistant, Stain Resistant and Impact Resistant.

Stencilled/Printed Glass Worktops: Our Printed Worktops give you the choice to have your own custom designs on your Glass Worktop and give you the chance to get what you want in your kitchen. You can choose from any of the Images or Stencil Designs we offer, Choose your own image from “Adobe Stock” or supply your own High-Quality Image of Stencil Design.

Glossy Colour Glass Worktops: Our Glossy Coloured Glass Worktops come in 36 different colours and the choice of any colour with a code. These Glass Worktops are Stain Resistant, Heat Resistant and Impact Resistant. 

Ice-Cracked Glass Worktops: Ice-Cracked Glass Worktops come in 3 different tones which are Bronze, Grey (Smoked) and Plain. They are Impact Resistant, Heat Resistant and Stain Resistant and will be put through the Cracking process after installation.

Luxury Collection Glass Worktops: Our Luxury Collection Glass Worktops come in 15 different colours and designs which can be found by following the link above to the Luxury Collection Worktop Page. Our Luxury Glass Worktops are Impact Resistant, Stain Resistant and Heat Resistant.

Premium Collection Glass Worktops: Premium Collection comes in 3 different design types which are Deep Gold, Deep Silver and Deep Mix. This is our finest range out of all our Glass Products and is made up of the finest raw minerals.

Thickness & Edge Styles

Most Of Our Worktops can be made in 3 thicknesses:

  • 1.2cm
  • 2cm
  • 3cm

These surfaces can be further customised with surfaces 6 edge design styles:

Straight Bevelled Edge: A straight bevel on the top edge of the surface.

2+2 Eased Edge: A bolder, sharper edge style.

Mitred Edge: A large angled edge for a dramatic profile.

Demi-Bullnose: A half rolled finish for a subtle curve.

Bullnose: A fully rolled edge for the smoothest curve feel

Dove Chest: A traditional look with a multi-curved finish.

Worktop Edges