The hygiene of your home should be one of the most important priorities and tasks, which helps you to keep your self and your family healthy. 

Constant maintenance of hygiene standards needed to clean and protect the house and especially the kitchen where your and your family spend the most time of your day may effect wear and tear of various surfaces.

When you start to design your kitchen, bathroom or any other part of your home you should practicality think about the cleaning because this is were worktops and splashbacks outperform other materials.

Eliminate dirt traps and make sure antibacterial detergents won’t damage your worktops. 

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks are the perfect seamless surface, easy to clean with the strongest of anti-bacterial detergents. Kitchen Glass Splashback have no or minimum surfaces seams and contain NO grouting. They also provide artistic opportunity of continues designs without dated grid effect of tile grouting and multiple join lines.

This is why we recommend to choose glass splashbacks and glass worktops which are full of great features like:

  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch – resistant worktops
  • Resistant to any sort of cleaning product even bleach so you can kill any bacteria or virus like ( coronavirus; COVID-19 ) 
  • Join-less, grout-less design
  • bespoke design
  • Splashbacks in length up to 4700mm ( depends from design printed up to 3300mm)
  • Guaranteed installation by Creoglass Design
  • Impact-resistant
  • Heat resistant up to 400ºC

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