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Grey Toughened Mirror

Grey Toughened Mirror

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CreoGlass Design 6mm Toughened Mirror panel used in modern kitchens as a splashbacks instead of tiles. Heat resistant glass up to 400ºC. Impact resistant.

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Starting from : £107.25


About Product: This Grey Mirror Splashback provides a cool and smokey alternative to a plain mirror finish. Made from 6mm toughened glass, these mirrors are ideal for placing near heat sources such as hobs or stoves. Unlike a standard mirror, toughened mirrors provides vastly improved resistance to  impacts and heat. Please Note: Toughened mirror reflections are subject to slight distortions, which can be more apparent in larger pieces when viewing from further away. Toughened Splashbacks are: Heat resistant glass up to 400ºC Water and moisture resistant Impact resistant toughened glass (6mm Thickness) Easy to clean antibacterial surface Delivery Time: Due to the nature of custom "Made to Order" process glass must be cut to your specific size, polished, heat soaked. Once the glass is ready, Several layers are applied and cured to create the highly reflective mirror effect. This whole process will take between 3-4 weeks. We will contact you to confirm a delivery or pick-up date. Adhesive: Add Clear Low Module Odourless Silicone Adhesive to your order. Adhesion time is between 6-8 hours.


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