Gold is an ancient symbol of good health, inner wisdom, and generosity of spirit. For the Buddhists it represents the rays of the sun whilst Native Americans consider it to give their warriors courage in battle. Quite apart from the connection we make between the gold and material prosperity; the colour is also endowed with a wealth of positive and beneficial life-enhancing qualities which make it an inspiring presence in our lives and homes.

At CreoGlass the design team were excited to work with this potent hue, and their gold kitchen splashback design is the result of an inspiring collaboration between two of nature’s most startlingly beautiful elements. Rather than reproduce the surface sheen of gold, the team became fascinated with it in its natural mineral form. Flakes of crushed mineral gold are layered into the toughened glass creating a deep and opulent shimmer; the reflective qualities of the glass capture and reproduce the golden glints trapped within the glass and these play upon the surface under either natural or artificial light.

Why choose a gold kitchen splashback?

Kitchens are fast becoming the showpiece of our homes; it’s where our work-lives and our home-lives coincide; it’s where we cook for the family and create fabulous food for friends; it’s where the kids do their homework and parents sit and dream a little once they’ve got the children to bed. Gold kitchen splashbacks are a luxurious backdrop to the life you live in your kitchen, as well as offering the tough protection against splashes and stains – which is all a part of the day to day reality of preparing food. These luxury items are low maintenance – they can be wiped clean using domestic cleaners – and their non-porous surface promises a safe, hygienic environment for your family.

How will it look in my kitchen?

Whilst images of the gold kitchen splashback can give you a hint of its impact on your kitchen environment, the only way to test out the shimmering depth of the texture is to order a CreoGlass sample and try it out under the light of your kitchen. You can order a range of sample sizes online and the CreoGlass team are always on hand to discuss your choice with you, and give advice should you request it.

Gold features.

If you’re a little anxious about using gold throughout your kitchen, why not choose it as a feature behind the hob, or on one wall only? The rich tone of gold contrasts superbly with yellow, deep red or purple, and lends depth and focus to specific areas within your kitchen environment. Once you get the creative juices flowing there’s no end to the ways in which gold splashbacks can transform your kitchen; LED lights placed at the base of the glass panel, or used as a backlight, further enrich the shimmering qualities of the material and suffuse your kitchen with a sense of warmth, well-being, and prosperity.

Glass splashbacks are fast becoming the most popular design feature for contemporary kitchens; their tough practicality when it comes to resisting heat, impact and stains, combined with the flexibility, natural translucence and design opportunities, make them the number one choice when you’re looking for a kitchen enhancement. The CreoGlass premium range offers the highest quality materials and the most innovative and beautiful designs. Our gold kitchen splashbacks are all individually cut and manufactured on site, and the design itself is unique to our range.

Investing in the premium range buys you a great product, contemporary design, quality manufacture and a kitchen which will stay looking great for many years to come.

If you would like to have a chat about the gold kitchen splashback, do contact us on 01923 81984, or email us on [email protected]


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