A lot of splashbacks are black or white. White because it doesn’t clash with anything or offend anyone and black because splashbacks are so called because they get splashed and black doesn’t show the stains.

Both arguments make sense. We understand the idea of playing safe. We’d like, though, to propose other ways.

First, that business of not giving offence. Well, fine… But something that doesn’t offend usually doesn’t impress, either, and a kitchen is as much an opportunity to really show the proud homeowner’s personality as the sitting room or the dining room. You can do things with glass that will make people look and say “Wow!”

Then, the question of not showing the stains. Look: CreoGlass splashbacks are made of glass. You can wash it, it comes up as clear as it ever was and it never fades or discolours. So forget about stains. And forget about blacksplash backs unless they are what you really want to fit your own personal design concept. It’s your kitchen; have it your way.

CreoGlass makes glass splashbacks in such an enormous range of colours, textures and patterns that it’s very unlikely you won’t find something that makes you say “Yes! I didn’t know it existed but that is exactly what I want.”

Custom splashbacks

And what about a custom design? Okay, we talked earlier about black and white and if you’re a Newcastle United supporter (or married to one, or the mother of one) perhaps you’d like your splashback in stripes in those colours. It wouldn’t be our first choice, but if that’s what you want we can do it for you. But how about some other designs? Something with a personal meaning for you.

Of course, you could just stick something of your own on there. But we’d recommend a different approach. One that lasts as long as the splashback (and that’s a long, long time).

Here is how we go about making a custom design for a glass splashback. First, we cut the glass exactly to size and shape. Then we toughen it so that it will withstand whatever high temperatures and impact it’s subjected to, and then we paint it. Now it’s time for our installers to put it in place. Then comes the really interesting part, which we call the “stencil” stage. We draw the planned design, making it accurate to the last millimetre. Then we apply a mirror backing and then – if this is what the design calls for – layers that may be glittery or have other properties. A backing cover is the final stage, and now the splashback and its unique design are in place. For ever. Exactly the way you wanted them to look.

Printed splashbacks

You can have a glass splashback with a photograph you’ve taken, a copy of an Old Master or a piece of abstract art. Whatever is going to make you feel your kitchen is complete, we can do.

Mirrored splashbacks

CreoGlass splashbacks are glass, and what more obvious use for glass than a mirror? A mirror finish makes the kitchen lighter and makes it feel larger. The mirror can be plain, striped or tinted – as with all CreoGlass products, we are here to give you the end result that you want.

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