Modern Kitchen Glass Splashback price in uk is reflected by the high quality glass, paint and other high quality materials combined with the time of the famous designers , glass splashback are not an off shelf product it is made in Creoglass Watford producing samples from classic plain coloured splashbacks, printed glass splashbacks using our creoglass catalogue or adobe stock images website where you can find around 60 millions pictures. The glass splashback price ( cost ) in uk is priced per m2. Their is also extra charge for single or double socket cut outs small or large notch cut outs. You can order samples from our website or you can just give us a call on 01923 819 684. Usually the glass splashback price ( cost) in uk starts from around £1000.

Modern Kitchen Glass splashbacks compared to tiles would be a really superior product. Some high quality tiles can be £50 + Vat / 0.25sqm which is £200+VAT / sqm, Glass splashback price ( cost ) in UK for the printed glass splashback or the coloured glass splashback it is something similar however it is hard to compare it due to the nature of the toughened glass which is impossible to shape once the glass is toughened, probably including the cut outs the overall price is more than the tiles, however their is a massive difference between the two product, the down side of the tiles is that you get a grid effect which would ruin the whole overall effect comparing to glass splashbacks which would give a clean and smooth design effect especially if you would use printed glass splashback choosing from our creoglass catalogue, second the maintenance of the glass splashbacks is much cheaper comparing to the very expensive tiles cleaning and grout cleaning products. The Creoglass Splashback glass is an ultramodern antibacterial surface which can be customised and produced at Creoglass Watford warehouse to match your kitchen style and most importantly your taste. Based on our designers and clients reviews overall glass splashbacks are much easier to maintaine and the overall cost of tiles can be more than glass splashbacks.

Modern Glass Splashbacks or Acrylic splashback which one shall you choose? It is a good question, both of them are suitable in kitchen and bathroom, bedroom or anywhere it is down to few different point of views, it is an area where high level of heat is? If yes definitely would recommend glass splashback produced at creoglass design in Watford, however the preparation and lead times are much longer then for acrylic splashbacks, on the other hand acrylic splashback is easy to cut and customise which is not possible with the glass splashback and the lead times are much longer, in order to get the right conclusion probably the best if you analyse your are were you want to use the material and also the best if you would get a sample from the both and try which material you like better Creoglass design offers a wide range of Printed glass splashback and coloured glass splashbacks but also our newest division the CreoAcylic Printed boards which, are available in creoglass catalouge. Contacting our friendly designer team you can compare the price of splashback glass or acrylic material.

Classic Plain Coloured Kitchen Glass Splashback or Printed glass coloured splashback and many other designer like Silver, Bronze or Grey Toughened Mirror can be purchased at Creoglass Watford Showroom based in Hertfordshire. The way how to buy a glass splashback it is first we need some rough dimensions from you, kitchen plans or few photos which you can directly email it to [email protected] or WhatsApp: +447494141803 us or alternatively you can call our designer team directly on 01923 819 684. Our showroom has multiple samples which can be borrowed or bought from us. Based on our best designer and client reviews samples are a massive help when the time comes to make a decision about the glass splashback.

Glass Splashback are mainly designed in kitchen behind the gas Hob because they are heat and impact resistant up to 400C degrees. however because modern glass splashbacks are also impact resistant they are prefect to use in bathroom or at the side of the island as well. The cheaper alternative would be the CreoAcrylic option which is easy to cut the lead time is shorter however because they are not heat proof the solution would be if you add an extra transparent toughened glass on the top of the existing CreoAcryilic splashback using screws.