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Glass Decking Balustrades

Glass Balustrading can be used in hallways, Restaurants, on your balconies, by a riverside or around your swimming pool!

Creoglass offers a range of glass balustrade styles and fittings. From minimalist infinity glass balustrades, traditional post and rail systems to more bespoke retro fit solutions for existing stair and balustrade railings.

Our Glass Decking Balustrades come in three different tones of colour, Bronze, Grey and Plain (Transparent).



Post and Rail Balustrades

Our popular Glass Decking Balustrade Systems come with a range of different Clamp designs and layouts. Creoglass Design provides Post & Rail Systems, using both Posts between each panel of Glass and Clamps to support the Glass to the Posts. We also provide Infinity Glass Balustrades which uses nothing but Hidden Clamps at the bottom of the Glass to give the illusion that the Glass isn’t being supported.

Our Glass Decking Balustrades can also come with a Base Rail which runs all the way along the bottom of your Glass supporting it from there.

Floor Mounted Balustrades

Creoglass Design has a range of different floor mounting methods for you to choose from starting with the standard Top Mounted Frame for the Glass Balustrade. This method is simply drilled directly into the surface below and screwed to hold it in position.

The next mounting method is the Fascia Mounting Method which is drilled into the side of the surface and supported from there, this gives the illusion of a Frameless Glass Balustrade. Next, there is the Top Mounted “F” method which is in the shape of an “F” and is also drilled directly down into the surface to support your Glass Balustrade. This stops your Glass Balustrade from ever tilting.

Last of all is the Fascia Mounted “Y” method which is drilled into the side of the floor surface and has a sloped surface to give the mounting a more attractive appearance.

Glass balustrade Profiles





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