Juliet Balconies

Instead, you can enjoy the views and fresh air afforded by open windows or French doors protected by a structure which is fixed almost flush with the wall of the building. Glass Juliette balconies come in many different designs and glass types, for example, our “ALL GLASS JULIET BALCONY” has just 6 button fixings to fix the glass onto the wall and is manufactured in either 17.5mm or 21.5mm toughened laminated glass to withstand the forces applied to it.

Our “POST AND RAIL JULIETTE BALCONY” is constructed with stainless steel posts and rails, which are fixed to the wall, then they are glazed with 10mm or 12mm toughened glass Why not consider opting for having the glass digitally printed. From our factory in Watford, we have the ability to create and print any design onto glass, this is more common for our Creoglass splashback range, but is getting popular for balustrades and shower doors too.

Clamped Juliet Balcony Image

® Creoglass Design uses a few different techniques of supporting the Glass Juliet Balcony to your building. One way is using the type of Clamps which are shown above. The clamps can either go around the Glass and then get supported to the wall or can go through the Glass and then supported to the wall. This option is a little more expensive as cutouts need to be implemented to your piece of Toughened Glass.

Another Way of supporting your Glass to your walls is the Skyforce technique. This has two bars on either side of the Glass clamping together to hold the Glass in place. This is then supported to the wall forming a beautifully framed Glass Juliet Balcony. Follow the link below to learn more about SkyForce Balconies.

Skyforce Balconies