Decking Balustrades

An increasingly popular design for glass balustrading is on a Decking. CreoGlass offer various options for Decking Balustrading including our popular “Post and Rail” system, spigot system, and glass button balustrade systems. One thing to consider with any external glass balustrade is self-cleaning options, here at Creoglass we can apply an easy clean treatment to the glass prior to installation, or even use one of the recognised self-cleaning glass’s like Pilkington Active CreoGlass balustrades for decking can be supplied in a range of tints like Grey, Bronze and Plain, or why not talk to us about using our LOW IRON glass to give that really clear look! Don’t forget decking balustrading glass can be printed too, why not consider a simple design or logo on your balustrading.

This type of Glass Balustrading can be used in hallways, Restaurants, on your balconies, by a riverside or around your swimming pool! Glass balustrades can be used in so many different ways and can be designed to look in so many different ways.

Decking Balustrade Clamps

Our popular Glass Decking Balustrade Systems come with a range of different Clamp designs and layouts, ®Creoglass Design provides Post & Rail Systems, using both Posts between each panel of Glass and Clamps to support the Glass to the Posts. We also provide Infinity Glass Balustrades which uses nothing but Hidden Clamps at the bottom of the Glass to give the illusion that the Glass isn’t being supported.

Our Glass Decking Balustrades can also come with a Base Rail which runs all the way along the bottom of your Glass supporting it from there. This means there are no Clamps in any way.