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Glass Balustrades and Juliet balconies are a very popular product, here at Creoglass we supply and install all kinds of Balustrades and Juliet Balconies. From our ever increasing range of styles and systems, we will have a Balustrade to suit your project. The Creoglass Balustrades are manufactured in either Toughened-Laminated Glass or Single Toughened Glass depending on the chosen system, location, and design force requirements.

Creoglass can supply Glass Balustrading to comply with all the relevant standards, for domestic use withstanding 0.74kn/m2 right up to commercial standards that withstand a force of 3.0 kN/m2. The Creoglass range of Balustrading includes Infinity Glass Balustrading, along with the more traditional Post and Rail Systems for retro installing glass Balustrading to existing Staircases and Balconies. We have a range of spigots and glass adaptors/standoffs that we use as part of our Infinity range, and we are happy to advise on what product is best for your project.

Creoglass Design are happy to install a single Juliet Balcony or a large suspended decking with our Infinity System incorporating Toughened Laminated low iron glass to give that extra wow factor!

Creoglass have in-house printing facilities so we are able to produce Printed Balustrading to your bespoke design, from a simple logo to a full printed panel – often used on sides of balconies to screen views from the neighbour’s house – often a building reg. The requirement, just imagine, rather than a plain etched panel you have a full printed panel – maybe a view of a field, beach or a forest, the choice is endless…


Our Toughened Glass Balustrades come in three different tones of colour. Bronze, Grey and Plain Glass. There is no price difference in all three tones. It is simply your preference. Please complete our form below and a dedicated member of staff will get back to you providing you with any additional information you require as long as you provide a phone number and an email! 

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