There’s not much better than the chance to renovation or re-style our homes, and in particular the heart of the home – our kitchen. Given the opportunity to inject our personality into the design process and feel great about our kitchen, there’s always a way to bring fresh ideas and colour into the room.

Designing a new kitchen or updating its look and feel, is an exciting prospect. We love creating a great space for family and friends to enjoy, so if you’re looking for something special to make your kitchen stand out, why not look at some new countertops to bring back the sparkle?

Finding the right materials

If you’ve done your research on countertop materials you’ll know all about the traditional laminate or stone installations and probably experienced first-hand the advantages and the pitfalls of these options. If you’re looking for something fresh, and want to steer clear of the old wood, laminate, or granite, take a peek at the increasingly popular trend of coloured glass countertops.

We love great design and there’s a lot to admire when looking at upgrading to these glass countertops, splashbacks, and other features for your kitchen. We’ve looked at the contemporary designs and the myth-busting toughness of these units and it’s pretty clear that if you’re a fan of sleek, clean and fresh looking spaces, this may be just the thing to bring your kitchen to life again.

So, what’s the advantage of glass countertops?

Putting the finishing touches to your fabulous kitchen is all about having a boundless choice of style and great functional design. The best glass countertops are bespoke creations, and the best thing about styling your kitchen is making it your own – with coloured glass fittings, your own choice of colour, and even texture – the options are near-endless. If your personality is best expressed by cool sophisticated lines and subtle colour matches, or if you prefer to be striking, quirky or love a little bit of shimmer, then a bespoke glass countertop could fit the bill.

While the finish options are vast, so are the applications – gorgeous countertops can be matched or contrasted with toughened glass splashbacks, cabinet facades or even colour matching sockets and chopping boards – which brings a whole new meaning to accessory shopping.

Is glass really that functional?

There’s a lot to do in our kitchen, from hosting a party to hectic family time, or just simply escaping with a cup of tea and some cake. As it does go through a lot, our kitchen, however stylish, needs to be functional too. Glass countertops look clean and functional – and they are. Countertops and splashbacks made from heat-resistant toughened glass are actually harder than any stone alternative on the market, and a scratchproof glass counter can withstand any amount of chopping on its surface, or abuse from hot pots and pans.

Need a little more time for that tea and cake? Our favourite benefit of glass countertops has to be that, thanks to being non-porous, they’re incredibly easy to keep clean and bacteria free. So, whatever style or theme your next kitchen has, it might be worth taking a look at glass.

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