We all love a makeover, in or out of the kitchen, but what are the most effective ways to transform an already functional and beautiful heart of your home?

Your current or, hotly anticipated, new kitchen may be the design of your dreams, yet there are many more ways to express your flair for styling or refresh its look and feel. Your kitchen revamp options could range from updating your cabinets to installing new lights, or maybe a change of dining furniture and the addition of a few accessories.

One way of making a statement is by installing new kitchen backsplashes. We love finding new ways to add the ‘wow factor’ and glass backsplashes are definitely not just a functional design feature – they can change the tone of a kitchen or turn an already great design into something really special.

We’ve spent time looking at some fantastic backsplash ideas, and here are our top four.

1. Vibrant coloured glass

Vibrant, stand-out colours are guaranteed to make a bold statement in your kitchen. This type of toughened glass backsplash is designed to protect your kitchen walls, provide an easy-clean surface and be impact resistant. These stunning units also create a sleek polished backdrop to your cabinets and worktops.

If you love sparkly things, fear not – glass backsplashes can be designed with sparkles, natural minerals and even metal elements to add a deep texture to your choice of colours. If you’d like to add a little more depth and you’re feeling reflective, a mirror finish could be a cool contemporary alternative to a solid colour.

2. Bespoke printed designs

We love something different – something unique and personal that puts your own stamp on your home’s design. Printed glass backsplashes are just one way to add a statement finish to your kitchen with a funky design, a piece of artwork, or a cherished picture displayed within. From quirky food and drink related images set into the glass, to something more classic, the options are limitless.

3. LED light backsplashes

You might already be using LED lighting in your kitchen and around the home – well the good news is that now it’s possible to have these modern and versatile lights as part of your new backsplashes. As we know, LEDs are great for controlling a room’s ambient light, they’re stylish and energy efficient too. Whether they be back-lit, or using LED strip-lighting, glass backsplashes can be the most wonderful, multi-coloured feature for the kitchen. In addition to looking fantastic, these illuminated backsplashes hardly emit any heat, can be dimmed, and are a great way to add task lighting to your working kitchen.

4. Ice cracked mirror

The ice cracked mirror effect is almost literally the ‘coolest’ design we have seen. The mirrored finish of this glass feature is just one of many composite layers of toughened and non-toughened glazing that encapsulate a layer of shattered glass. The effect is nothing short of spectacular, so if you’re looking for something special to finish a crisp, contemporary looking kitchen then this might be a cool option to consider.


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