We all love the chance to blow the dust off last year’s ideas and make some exciting changes in our lives. With the New Year’s resolutions, like a well-meaning but slightly nagging friend, out of the way for another January, it’s time to look at what makes us really happy – it’s time to redesign something we love.

Designing a new kitchen is an exciting prospect, a chance to make our most used room more personal to us, creating a space for our family and friends to enjoy. So, once we’ve created our beautiful room, how do we breathe new life and new ideas into it?

Here are our top five kitchen lighting ideas to change the look and feel of your favourite space.

1. Choose great pendant lights to make ‘that’ statement

With a whole range of wonderful designs and sizes now on the market, it’s possible to make a great statement with the right pendant lights. These hanging lamps can transform your kitchen if you choose the right style, from chandeliers to modern glass or aluminium shades. In vogue is the statement ‘oversized’ pendant – but watch your head on it.

2. Use expressive feature lighting

Your kitchen is about function, but it’s also about expressing your own style and showing off your love of great design. Whether you’re putting the spotlight on your next dinner party or using a stylish LED strip or pendant to put the shine on your gorgeous new coffee machine – using lights to make a feature of your kitchen is guaranteed to not go unnoticed.

3. Make use of LED technology

We love the fusion of old and new in design. LED lighting is a modern and versatile addition which can bring subtle and controllable ambient lighting to your kitchen to enhance and complement your style. LEDs are used to create stunning drop pendant lights, gorgeous back-lit glass splashbacks and, as well as looking great, they’re energy efficient.

4. Look again at spotlights and strip lighting

When we’re living busy lives as well as designing a new space to entertain, bring up a family or simply relax in, we want avoid making silly mistakes. It is very easy to right off some great solutions for lighting your kitchen if we imagine they may turn out to be, or are already, the avocado suite of the kitchen. Spotlights are still popular; more so in contemporary designed kitchens, while strip lighting has seen a fall from grace. Look at the modern strip lights, and the versatility of changing direction and the tone of your lights. Use spots and strips to provide task lighting while your creativity stands to the fore in other areas.

5. Use layered lighting

We love to highlight the things that we cherish and our kitchens can really set the tone for a home and reflect our style. Using effective layered lighting is a way of stepping back and displaying every inch of your creativity. A combination of ambient and feature lighting, above and below the cabinets and features of your kitchen, will give you a great shadow free space to enjoy.

Make the change

Use lighting to enhance what you have already achieved. We love our kitchens, almost as much as we love to show them off to our friends, so enjoy shedding new light on your creation.


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