Feature Mirror Walls

Antique Mirror Glass Walls

Feature Mirror Walls will provide one of the most powerful mesmerising visual experience. Interior designers use all types of mirrors to utilise large empty walls to create visually lighter and spacious place.
Feature Mirror Wall are essentially walls cladded with either silver or tinted glass mirrors. Many rustic interior design styles would use our large range of Antique toughened of non-toughened mirrors.
Now, due to the nature of glass material it is advisable to hire a specialist to measure, asses or survey the walls, access, cut the mirrors and install them safely etc. In most cases rectangular pieces can be used, however often bespoke shaping is required where minor rakes, angle cuts, cut-outs, holes or curvatures are required.
Another alternative to our Feature Mirror Wall is a Feature Wall Artwork that unlike traditional Framed Painting Picture, covers entire wall similarly to Wall Murals. 

Antique Mirror Feature Walls:

Antique Mirror Feature Wall
…a modern-rustic style of interior design is on the rise. Antique mirrors are very popular due to their un-intrusive, cozy look with association of age, experience and old knowledge creating feeling of safety and familiarity.
Just like any other mirror, they do bounce off light and visually expand the room space providing the perfect solution to utilise large barren walls of dinning rooms, staircase landings or hallways and turn them into Feature Mirrored Walls…

Antique Mirror Feature Wall

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