You can ask questions about glass splashbacks by emailing us to [email protected]

1. How to avoid dodgy builders?

Please see this BBC educational program:
BBC – How to avoid dodgy builders.

2. How much do splashbacks cost?

A. The price is calculated per surface area (sqm). Price per square meter will vary depends on how many individual layers are required to achieve the desired finish and how many labor hours are needed. (e.g. basic entry level splashbacks would require minimum 2 layers per each panel – 1. colour coating and 2. protective backing like aluminum foil. The standard colour glass splashback prices are based on 6mm toughened glass, but you can decide to go for a different thickness of the glass.B. Next, you also need to budget for the cost of the shaping of the glass. Any notches, socket openings, holes for screws or curvatures other than square or rectangular are all extras as they are labor intensive and are charged at standard rates.C. Other extra costs you should budget for is the cost of measuring and fitting service as these are optional, however, we will guarantee you the professional installation backed up with up to 10 years warranty on a fitted product by CreoGlass.An average “L” shape kitchen fully fitted with entry-level glass splashbacks could start from around £800-£1200. Some of ®CreoGlass bespoke designs may consist of up 15 individual layers and are created using various techniques (e.g. hand-made stenciling technique) and materials (e.g. print, glitter, mirror, 24-carat gold, plain paint etc.). These splashbacks are classified as “Commissioned Bespoke Designs” and require prototyping. The design stage is longer to ensure all artworks, colours and custom shades, special add-ons like glittery effects (rainbow sparkles, 3D effect…) are agreed. These splashbacks may cost between £2500-£7000.To reduce the cost further you can: 1. apply for finance 2. reduce complicated shaping 3. reduce the design level 4. reduce the sqm size 5. we have a range of great offers every month. You can subscribe to our monthly news email so you can take advantage of our special offers when you are ready for your project.For more details please follow the link to our online quotation request, where our team will quickly work out an estimate based on your particular sizes and design choice.

3. What’s the delivery lead time for a glass splashback? How long does it take?

Manufacturing time for toughened glass splashbacks is about two weeks. However, different design level with multiple layersand techniques require different curing processes will extend the manufacturing lead time depending. Please ask the member of staff for more details. If you opt-in for our full-service measure and fit service we aim to fit our entry-level glass splashbacks within 2-4 weeks from a successful and confirmed site survey.With “supply only” service the process can be as quick as 10 working days, although again this is dependent on the design you have chosen.

4. How do I request an Estimate?

There are several ways to request the estimated price.
    1. Take a short video/pictures of your kitchen (provided it has been built already) and send it to us via WhatsApp (07494141803), or via Facebook Messanger, or via email
    2. Email us your kitchen floor plans from your kitchen designer/supplier
    3. You can provide us with your own sketch with rough dimensions. Remember, this is for estimate purposed only, so don’t worry if you are not accurate. Watch this video to help you.

5. How strong is toughened glass?

Toughened Glass has got a very high breakpoint and can withstand high temperatures. If the breakpoint is reached it shatters instantly to small safer pieces.
Toughened or tempered glass is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass. This glass is processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering creates balanced internal stresses which cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards. For glass splashbacks we use only safety – toughened glass as kitchen glass splashbacks are exposed to knocks and heat from your hob.

6. Can I measure and fit my splashback?

Standard size or single rectangular glass panel is very easy to measure. You just need to allow about 2mm void all-round. Also, you need to measure the distance between your kitchen cupboards not only at the wall but also at the front, making sure they are not closing in otherwise you will not be able to get the glass in.

7. Is ®CreoGlass more expensive than other splashbacks?

The answer is No. All prices reflect standard market prices and the level of design required, labor intensity and cost of materials required. ®CreoGlass is an exclusive product range, designed and manufactured by CreoGlass Design Ltd in Watford- UK. Our technological processes allow us to apply various pigments or pigmented elements of metal and natural minerals onto glass surface creating absolute unique deep designs. We release new designs in collections – colour variations and technique combinations. The price varies from one collection to another and depends on the complexity of the process, cost of materials and labor hours. For example, standard colour is applied 3-5 times in a single stage whereas “Mirror Stripes Design” would require15-20 times in 4-5 stages with a complex stenciling process in between – a real down to earth hand-made design.

8. Do you provide acrylic splashbacks?

Although we prefer to use only high-quality glass and eco-friendly paints that have been developed especially for glass, all ®CreoGlass design finishes are available on acrylic.

9. How do I remove the glass splashback if I want to change it?

If possible you can use a simple wire “cheese” cutter to cut the silicone at the back. This technique can be used if a silicone adhesive was used to apply the glass on the wall. If you are removing toughened glass for good than another simple technique can be used to breaking it. Make sure you always use protective glasses and gloves. Tempered glass takes very long to break applying a direct hit with a hammer, so it is advised to aim for the edges. A toughened glass should crumble to small chunky pieces. You can just scrape the remaining glass and adhesive off the wall and collect all glass with just a brush and a dustpan.CreoGlass offers old tiles and old splashback removal at a standard rate per square meter. Please note that glass splashbacks can be fitted on top of existing tiles – subject to site survey!Please Contact us for more information about this service.

10. What is the biggest single piece of glass you can do?

We can go up to a length of 4.5 meters.*We can do any shape and virtually any size up to 4500 x 1200 mm. Please send us a shape, dimensions, and colour you wish for.*Please note that additional fee is required for glass panels over 2500 mm in length due to the weight and size. Installation is subject to site survey.

11. What is low iron glass?

Opticlear (Opti White or Low Iron) glass is without green tint. We use only this glass to avoid any discoloration.For example -you wish to have your splashback in bright yellow. Special glass paint, mixed to specific colour shade requirements is sprayed onto the back of the glass panel. If we were to use standard green glass the result would be of been more of a lime green colour. This is why we always use Opti White or Low Iron Glass to display the true colour you want us to achieve.

12. Are the edges sharp?

As standard CreoGlass splashbacks are made using toughened glass with so-called “Polished Edges”. What it means is that all the edges have very fine bevel all-around (PAR – polished all-around). Polishing of internal cut-outs (often not required) is done on request as this will add extra cost.

13. Can I have a tabletop or chopping board to match my splashback?

Tabletops are produced by the same method as the glass splashbacks. The only difference is the thickness of the glass; because we want you to be consistently happy with your tabletop as the time goes on, we recommend using 8 mm toughened glass with deep polished edges and rounded corners. Matching chopping boards are CreoGlass Speciality and we would recommend every household to have one.If your question is not answered below please feel free to contact our team:Telephone: 01923 819684Email: [email protected]