So, do toughened mirrors exist? Yes, but they are not just any ordinary mirrors. Toughened Mirrors are heat resistant up to 400ºC as well as impact resistant. The complex manufacturing process means that the price of toughened mirrors compared to standard mirrors is substantially higher placing toughened mirrors into exclusive high-end product range. Production consists of bespoke made to measure toughened glass and mirroring process that requires labour intensive preparation to achieve high quality reflective mirror finish. The same process is used to manufacture major space telescopes due its high level of light reflectivity.

You should not use an ordinary mirror behind your hob. Heat stress, natural expansion of glass and uneven distribution of heat will cause the ordinary mirror to crack.
Ordinary mirror splashbacks are only suitable only if they are not exposed to any heat source e.g. flame, steam, pipes…
Toughened Mirror Splashbacks are relatively new and rare product on the market and so ofter customers are advised that toughened mirrors don’t exist.
Another benefit of toughened mirrors splashbacks is that it can be made up to 4.5m long without the need of splitting, reducing vertical joints to minimum. 6mm Kitchen Glass Toughened Mirrors are available in Plain, Bronze and Grey tint colour.
Plain Toughened Mirrors are available between 4-19mm thick.

There are also other designs available containing mirror features. These are fully customisable and can be mixed and matched with any colours or sparkly effects to achieve exclusive and unique product.

Mirror Stripes & Swirls

are designed to compliment all polished chrome metal appliances like taps, plug socket plates, handles or even your kettle or toaster.
This is a product design that won’t date and will always become a subject for conversation and even 20 years down the line, this design will remain a quality kitchen statement. It comprises of horizontal lines running all-round, fine rainbow sparkle in the middle field section between the lines or in the whole background and it’s available in any background colour of your choice. Rainbow Sparkle Effect is available in choice of Light, Medium or Heavy. Mirror Stripes Design is fully bespoke and not limited to our ideas. Horizontal lines can be continues or random between 2-15mm thick charged per linear meter.
Kitchen Glass Splash-Backs are not only practical but they adds the high quality finish and feel-good factor to your new kitchen.

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