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Winter’s a cold time when you tend to spend most of your time indoors! So why not spice up your kitchen to something that makes you smile every time you see it. CreoGlass Design sells White worktops as well as many other colours! If you really like the idea of winter and snow then try a Grey Worktop with sparkles!


White Worktops

Choosing White Worktops gives you so many opportunities to choose what the rest of your kitchen will look like. You could get a quartz Worktop from Silestone or a Non-Scratch White Worktop from CreoGlass. White worktops work with almost any colour or theme, like the images above for example you could have a bronze toughened mirror or a simple Grey Glittery Splashback to give you that idea of it being winter or any other season! The Eternal Calacatta Gold Silestone Worktop is the latest of the Silestone Worktops and looks amazing! Silestone comes with a 25 year guarantee from Consentino.

White Quartz Worktop-3

Mirror Splashback

Here is an image that shows you just how much you can do with your kitchen when you have a White Worktop! With this Worktop is a Grey Tinted Toughened Mirror, White cabinets and black appliances! Such an amazing look to this kitchen and the mirrored Splashback gives it such a nice finish and the illusion of a larger and brighter room.


Grey Worktops

Having a Grey Worktop leaves you with a wide range of varieties to work with as well. This kitchen for example has Grey Worktops and a darker tone of Grey glittery Splashbacks, which work perfectly with each other! Giving a very wintery feel to the kitchen using the glitter as a snowy effect.

Non-Scratch Grey & Copper
Non-Scratch Grey & Red

Non-Scratch Worktops

Non-Scratch Worktops come in almost any colour and gives a Matt effect to the surface of the Worktop, the Non-Scratch Glass Worktop is heat resistant up to 400 degrees, Scratch resistant, Impact resistant and Stain resistant. In my opinion it is the best worktop surface as it has a really nice looking finish too, especially the White Glass Worktop. The Non-Scratch effect on the Worktops also leaves you with a lot of ways to finish your kitchen. The images shown to the left shows a 100% luxury copper Splashback from CreoGlass and the other shows a red Stencil Splashback which both work really well with the Non-Scratch finish on the Worktops.

Non-Scratch Custom Printed Glass Worktop and Blue Glass Splashback

Creoglass Design

CreoGlass offers a wide range of effects onto Glass Worktops or Glass Splashbacks, CreoGlass can do printed artwork, Give it a Glittery effect, Add Waves, Print anything you want or just simply give it a plain colour of your choice of any colour with a colour code or match it to an item in your kitchen such as a bar stool or drop down lamp lights!

Custom Printing

Creoglass design can print almost anything on to the Glass Splashbacks or Glass Worktops. For example the images beside show two different types of wave designs. One on a red background which goes really well with the White Worktop and one on a white background which is what normally happens when people want a wave design because it makes the wave stand out much more due to there being nothing going on in the background.


White On White Surfaces

White on White Worktop and Splashback works amazingly with each other too! this kitchen has a White Worktop and a Glittery White Splashback to give a real winter feel to the kitchen. Giving your kitchen a light cabinet colour, a light Worktop and then a light Splashback works better then most other varieties as everything blends in with each other more than have dark cabinets that don’t blend with everything else.

Ice Cracked Circle Table Edited 2
Ice-Cracked Edge
Ice-Cracked Circle Table Edited


Kitchen Worktops don’t have to be standard colours or effects. This Ice-Cracked effect which you can do for Kitchen Worktops gives an amazing feel to your Kitchen! Not only can you use this surface for Kitchen Worktops but you can do it for almost anything! You can do this with Kitchen Splashbacks and normal things like tables of any shape.


The Ice-Cracked Glass Splashbacks and Worktops come in two different finishes, you can either have what is shown in the image beside which has no backing so you can see through it. Or you can have a mirrored backing so it becomes an Ice-Cracked Toughened Mirror Glass Splashback. This acts as a mirror on the back layer, the Ice-Cracked effect on the middle layer and a Toughened piece of glass on the front layer.

Pure White Kictchen Glass Splashback 11.31.21

It’s Your Kitchen!

Whatever your choice of colour or theme doesn’t matter! As long as it is right for you, your kitchen and you family then you can’t go wrong! Any Design, Any theme, it makes no difference as long as you love it and are happy with the outcome!

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