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General Information

Here at Creoglass Design we offer a huge range of services and products and can fit our Glass Splashbacks or Worktops almost anywhere, from a Standard Kitchen to Reception Area, all the way to an entire Block Of Flats.
We can print almost everything onto Glass using our Canon Océ Arizona 1260 XT Printer which has a 3 Metre by 2.5 Metre Flat bed Printing Surface.
We offer Glass Splashbacks and a range of Worktops including Cosentino Worktops and are willing to work with you to get the best possible outcome.
Our professional Measuring and Fitting Team will ensure everything is done to the highest possible standards and will ensure there are NO mistakes. Our Graphic Design team will work with you to ensure what you want is exactly what you get.

Products & Services

Blue Plain Colour Glass Splashback
We offer a range of different products and services including our Printed service. To see more Glass splashback designs or to see what Worktops we offer please click on the links below.
We offer services in Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Flats, Kitchens, Bathrooms and a range of other things. We are also available for things like Partition Walls, Retail Displays like shops signs, Wall Cladding (Including Artwork) and Back Lit Panels
Bar Front (Leaves)
As a Trader, you do NOT need to buy the glass from us if you want our Printed services. We offer a printing service from £75 Per Sqm when you bring in your own Glass.
You also don’t need to use our Professional Measuring and Fitting Team, You can use our Supply & Fit service or just Supply only! When working with us on a Supply only bases and using our Printer Services all we will need is your Glass Panel, what you want on it and a file for our Graphic Design team to prepare for the Printer to Print onto your panel.
Leather - Bar

Package Deals

Package Deal Banner (Trade)
As a Trader, you are offering a HUGE discount of over 30% discount with our Package Deal. When you buy a Glass Splashback and a Worktop from us we will offer you 30% discount on the worktop including the current discount on the Glass Splashback.


Wall Cladding

We can also do large numbers of panels and large orders, Whether that is a large area that needs wall cladding artwork or if its a hotel corridor that needs spicing up a little! You are not limited to just our Printed Services but also all of our other products like our Premium Collection, Luxury Collection, LED Splashbacks and many other designs and products.