Colours And Designs

Colour is like cooking – great combinations create mouth-watering environments…

The kitchen is the heart of your home and the design team at Creoglass know that you are looking for a product that offers high-quality protection against splashes and stains, whilst also contributing to the unique environment your kitchen provides for your family and friends.

Creoglass kitchen splashbacks come in a range of sizes, designs and colours. We are able to offer you detailed guidance and advice on fitting, installation and materials. Our full professional service provides you with impeccable service every step of the way. Once you’ve got the practical steps covered, we want you to relax and enjoy choosing which of our glorious colours is right for your home.

What’s your Vision?

We love working with colour, and we provide a palette designed to get your creative juices flowing. A great place to start is to think about the kind of environment you want to create in your kitchen; whether it’s a practical workspace, a dining space, or a stylish contemporary hangout, you’ll find the tones and textures, shimmers and sparkles that will help you make your vision a reality.

Choosing your Colours

If our CreoGlass splashbacks are an add-on to your kitchen, work from the existing colour palette of your worktops and cabinets (walls can be repainted but refitting worktops is a bigger and more costly job!). If you’re starting from scratch, let instinct play a part – allow your unique emotional response to colours to be part of the decision making process. With glorious colour palettes from Farrow & Ball, Dulux, RAL, and Laura Ashley you can let your imagination run riot!

Remember the important part that lighting plays when it comes to colour. Is your kitchen flooded with natural light, or is it in need of a ‘lift’ through the use of a bright palette? What lighting is installed in your kitchen? Colours can look quite different under natural and artificial light, so think about ways in which light can enhance the colour choices you make.

Finding Colour Contrasts

Contrasting colours require brave decisions along the way, but they can offer a constant delight to the eye and lift the mood, even on the dullest of days. Some people appear to ‘have the knack’ of creating exciting colour contrasts, and others find themselves floundering in indecision. Our design team work with one very simple rule when it comes to choosing contrasting colours: Choose one colour, look closely for its undertone, and enhance it to a bolder version as contrast. Neutral beige can be enlivened by bright yellow, for example; or mauve by a full-bodied purple or blue.

Adding Style and Sparkle to your Colour Scheme

The CreoGlass Design Team is always looking for new ways to enhance your use of their kitchen splashback range. Here are just a few of the options:

  • • Looking for a kitchen that shimmers and sparkles? Our coloured glass splashbacks can be customised with rainbow or satin sparkles. This dusting of shimmery fine glitter offers lustrous depth to your splashback colours and is particularly pretty under artificial unit down-light, sunrise or sunset.
  • • Our stylish contemporary mirror stripes design is unique to the CreoGlass collection and combines classical elegance with enduring finish. Sleek, horizontal mirror strips complement your chrome and steel appliances, creating a sleek and contemporary finish to the splashback colour of your choice.
  • • Feeling brave? Need a kitchen twice the size of the one you’ve got? Our toughened mirror splashbacks can infinitely extend your kitchen by creating a delightful illusion of spaciousness. Our mirror splashbacks are also available with textured surfaces, and in tints of grey, black and bronze.
  • • If your kitchen enjoys original features such original brickwork or plaster work, you might want to consider using our clear glass splashbacks. These frame and bring focus to period detail whilst protecting the material from wear and tear.
  • • The design team at CreoGlass want your kitchen to be as individual as you, so they’ve made it easy to incorporate photos or prints into your design. You choose the artwork and we’ll incorporate it into the toughened splashback glass, for a designer finish that is unique to your kitchen.


Once your CreoGlass kitchen splashbacks are installed, and the colour scheme is doing its work of providing you with the environment you need to work and eat in, you can enjoy the fun of adding accessories to complement and enhance what you’ve created. Take a look at the Add-Ons suggested by the CreoGlass design team for ideas to pick out details, or bring together your design into one stylish and contemporary whole.

We hope this guide has got your taste-buds tingling and your creative juices flowing! We love the process of working with colour and texture, so please talk to us about the space you want to create – we’d be delighted to chat through ideas and offer suggestions.

Want some advice on choosing colours? Call us on 01923 819684 or contact us by email: [email protected]

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