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Dream Kitchens of Rockstars and Celebrities

“Nigella Lawson’s made a full-on feminine statement with fuchsia-pink cabinets and drawers, in her new London home.” ”In Elton John’s kitchen, white cabinetry and Corian counters by DuPont are offset by splashes of colour from the 1960s Venini light fixture” “Victoria Beckham’s kitchen won't even look like a kitchen when it's done as all of the appliances, cooker, fridges can disappear into marble units at the press of a button.”[...]

Islamic Art

Just like in many other cultures, religion and art are closely intertwined for generations. Islamic art, islamic design, islamic caligraphy, moroccan patterns... as well as islamic religion decent from arabic culture which reflects in architecture and design style across several regions around the world. In this article, we briefly touch base with some common patterns and their applications. We can help you to apply this knowledge to create your own unique splashback for your kitchen or bathroom. Islamic Art involves visual arts adopted from the Islamic faith from the 7th century and cultures of Islam who lived within the domain, that was ruled by culturally Islamic inhabitants. Therefore it is a very difficult art to interpret because it covers many lands and various years over 1,400 years; it is not art specifically of religion, or of time, or of a place. The huge field of Islamic architecture embraces varied Art Forms such as calligraphy, painting, glass, pottery, and textile arts, carpets, and embroidery Metalworking, Gold smithery developed from a wide variety of different sources.[...]


7 Simple Steps How to Choose the Right Company to Make Your Custome Glass Splashbacks[...]

Silestone is one of the leading Quartz Kitchen Worktops in today's market

What exactly is the difference between Silestone and Quartz?[...]


“Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this?” Pablo Picasso You know that feeling when you feel a bit worn out and lacking ‘get up and go’? Sometimes it’s as simple as needing a bit of colour therapy to put the zing back in our lives. I came across this great mindfulness exercise designed to see if you’re suffering from colour depravation. It feels good to do and it’s a great reminder of why colour is such a powerful force in our lives. Colour works on us emotionally, creating a mood or atmosphere that will affect how we feel, and it shapes our perceptions by either accentuating the light and breadth of our living spaces, or by making us feel trapped or stifled.It starts with making a cup of tea…[...]

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