Is glass splashback cheaper than tiles?

Glass or Tiles? Modern Kitchen Glass splashbacks compared to tiles would be a really superior product. Some high quality tiles can be £50 + Vat / 0.25sqm which is £200+VAT / sqm, Glass splashback price ( cost ) in UK for the printed glass splashback or the coloured glass splashback it is something similar however[…]

How much are glass splashbacks for kitchens?

Modern Kitchen Glass Splashback price in uk is reflected by the high quality glass, paint and other high quality materials combined with the time of the famous designers , glass splashback are not an off shelf product it is made in Creoglass Watford producing samples from classic plain coloured splashbacks, printed glass splashbacks using our[…]

How to Remove and Replace Glass Splashbacks?

How to Remove and Replace Glass Splashbacks? The important part of removing and replacing of the glass splashbacks is the actual installation in the first place. The choice of glass, fixing or adhesion as well as excessive use and application pattern of glue adhesive will make it extremely difficult to remove. I advise to use[…]

Is ®CreoGlass more expensive than other splashbacks?

Is ®CreoGlass more expensive than other splashbacks? The answer is No. All prices reflect standard market prices and the level of design required, labor intensity and cost of materials required. ®CreoGlass is an exclusive product range, designed and manufactured by CreoGlass Design Ltd in Watford- UK. Our technological processes allow us to apply various pigments[…]

Can I measure and fit my splashback?

Can I measure and fit my splashback? Standard size or single rectangular glass panel is very easy to measure. You just need to allow about 2mm void all-round. Also, you need to measure the distance between your kitchen cupboards not only at the wall but also at the front, making sure they are not closing[…]

How strong is toughened glass?

How strong is toughened glass? Toughened Glass has got a very high breakpoint and can withstand high temperatures. If the breakpoint is reached it shatters instantly to small safer pieces. Toughened or tempered glass is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass. This glass is processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its[…]

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