Request a Home Visit/Consultations

Home Visit or Home Consultation Service is suited for individuals who cannot travel to our showroom or cannot provide rough dimensions for a free estimate. Our representative will arrange an appointment to provide: -Accurate Estimate -Colour/Design Advise -Discuss Technical Aspect and Feasibility -We can arrange to bring specific Samples in Large Format -We will look at Images and Videos of previous installations
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Watford Business Park
FlexSpace (Park House)
Gate 3, UNIT D
15-23 Greenhill Crescent
Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 8PH, Greater London, Great BritainOpening Hours:
Mon – Fri : 8am – 6pm
Sat : 10am – 4pm
Sun : (weekend appointment required)
Bank Holidays:(weekend appointment required)

Tel: 0800 021 4807 or 01923  819 684
Email: info @

For all other enquiries and/or attachments, please contact us directly on: info (@)