Is Backlit Glass the Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Semi-Precious Stones?

Backlit Glass: the Environmental Fix to Onyx Mining?

Environmental-conscious homeowners and interior designers are constantly exploring ways to adopt sustainable, eco-friendly practices, materials and products that minimise harm to our planet. Creating energy-efficient homes is one of the most popular ways of reducing carbon footprint and creating a greener world. Printed glass for onyx backlit applications is a perfect choice when designing stunning homes with elegance and sustainability. The beautiful crystalline mineral is a unique and exotic texture that can help create a luxurious look in commercial and residential spaces.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of choosing printed glass vs. backlit onyx wall art, why it is an eco-friendly option, how to create multiple endless patterns, and what to consider when selecting printed backlit onyx wall art for your space.

Why is Printed Onyx an Eco-friendly option?

Printed onyx is value-engeneered and sustainable option with beauty and eco-friendly benefits. Modern recycled glass has a lower carbon footprint when compared to its earth-mined counterpart, making it an eco-friendly choice for interior designers. How does earth-mined onyx impact the environment?

Deforestation & Vegetation Loss

Mining activities directly affect biodiversity by destroying vegetation. During mining, huge land areas are cleared off, stripped of their topsoil and underlying vegetation. These areas are dug up to extract ores, leaving behind barren land. Removing vegetation from the ecosystem directly affects the food chain and web and removes habitats for many animal species. This removal leads to a decline in the number and variety of species, thereby reducing the overall level of biodiversity. (“8 Environmental Impacts of Open-Pit Mining”).


Soil Erosion & Pollution

The production of heavy metals-containing dust can lead to devastating consequences on air quality. The dust particles, when inhaled, can cause respiratory issues and, in some cases, cancer. The transportation of toxic dust from the mine to the tailing ponds can contaminate surrounding areas. This can lead to long-term pollution. The dust can settle on crops and water sources, ultimately affecting the health and well-being of people in the area. (“Sweden: Open pit mine will endanger indigenous lands and the environment – UN experts”).

Water Contamination

Acid mine drainage (AMD) is a highly acidic and toxic byproduct generated during mining when pyrite (FeS2) comes into contact with air and water. AMD is a harmful byproduct that is generated during the mining process. It has far-reaching effects on the environment, directly impacting the quality of local water sources. This can harm aquatic life and humans, who depend on those sources for drinking water and other purposes. (“Four Types of Water Pollution Caused by Mining and How Atlantic Pumps Can Help Reduce This”).


Species Extinction

Air pollution caused by mining activities has a severe impact on the environment. Chemicals such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide are released into the atmosphere during blasting. These toxic gases settle on plants and oceans, suffocating microorganisms and vital ecosystem components. The reduction of microbial populations has negative consequences, such as the reduction of soil fertility, nutrient cycling, and decomposition of dead organic matter, which ultimately affect the ability of plants to grow. (“Why Is Open Pit Mining So Devastating To The Environment?”)

Since our designs are printed on glass, it requires minimal processing and is recyclable, reusable, making it an eco-friendly option without significantly reducing biodiversity and increasing air pollution.

Why Choose Printed Glass instead of Earth Mined Onyx?

Printed onyxon glass for backlit wall features is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for creating an exquisite design for your space. It does not require quarries, and it has long-lasting strength and durability. Onyx is known for its beautiful properties, playing with light and enhancing colours in the piece. As a backlit material, it adds depth and beauty as sunlight shines through it, highlighting the unique patterns throughout the backlit onyx slab. It's a perfect option for anyone looking to make a statement in their space and create an awe-inspiring ambience. Now imagine all these benefits but with printed onyx that does not heavily harm the environment.

Design and Installation Benefits of Printed Onyx Backlit Wall Art

One of the advantages of using printed onyx for your backlit wall art is the potential to create multiple endless patterns within the slab. Shining light through the printed onyx can make these patterns more vibrant, illuminating their natural textures, bright colours, and beautiful designs. Designers that choose printed onyx can customise the slab to their desirable size, thickness, colour, tone and shape. However it is worth noting earth mined onyx is limited by its formation, which could lead to patterns not matching, as well as potentially significantly increasing the cost to have matching patterns. Printed Onyx textures are digitalised therefore full customization is available to all interior designers at the click of a button with no change in cost and environmental harm.

  1. COLOURS: You can now create the perfect colout tone of your backlit onyx to match your interior design theme or you clients desire.
  2. PATTERN: The size or pattern orientation, as well as classic book-match formations is no longer an issue of finding the right set of slabs somwhere around the world.
  3. LEAD-TIMES: Orders, Re-orders and Re-makes are now created at an instant with minimal costs and delays involved.
  4. WEIGHT: The weight of natural onyx os often a challenge with slable wiring hundreds of kilograms it can be a logistical nightmare. Printed glass starts form only 4mm thicklness. The most common for application up to 4000mm in length is a 6mm thick toughened, impact and heat-resistant glass, where a square meter wighs only 15kg.
  5. COSTS: Printed glass provides high-quality alternative at a fraction of the cost of natural onyx. Printed Onyx is made by CreoGlass based in UK using locally sourced materials and labour, so great communication and fast turnarounds are guaranteed.


What to Consider When Choosing Printed Onyx Backlit for Wall Art Feature

When selecting printed onyx wall art, you must consider a few crucial factors, such as the size of your space, your budget, and the amount of natural light the room receives. Printed onyx is more substantial than other wall art options, so it is critical to ensure your wall can bear its weight. Additionally, since it's a digital texture, don't be surprised if you can have the same panel size for 3 to 5 cheaper than its earth-mined counterpart.

Conclusion: In conclusion, printed onyx wall art is one of the most elegant, sustainable, eco-friendly and value-engineered materials you can use for your swimming pool, splashback, or any other space in your home or commercial building. Its unique beauty is even more stunning when lit from behind, with its unique patinas and veins reflecting different hues.

When you choose printed onyx wall art for your project, you will benefit from its rich textures, timeless beauty, infinite customisations, sustainable material and low cost.

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